Luray Caverns Virginia

The Luray Caverns Virginia, a U.S. natural landmark and Virginia natural wonder, are the largest and most popular stalactite caverns on the East coast. In addition to the caverns, Luray Caverns in Virginia offers visitors an exhibit featuring over 140 items relating to transportation including cars, carriages, coaches and costumes from 1725 as well as a one acre ornamental garden maze that's one of the largest mazes in the Mid-Atlantic states. Traveler's also have the option of staying at convenient Luray Cavern accommodations nearby.

Luray Caverns Virginia was discovered in 1878 by a tinsmith and a local Virginia photographer. More than 125 years later, Luray Caverns in Virginia gives visitors the opportunity to visit the beautiful geological formations within the caverns by offering daily tours. Features of this Virginia natural wonder include The "Great Stalacpipe Organ". Located in the Cathedral portion of the Luray Caverns Virginia, the Organ is the world's largest musical instrument using 3 acres of stalactites to produce symphonic tones. This one-of-a-kind instrument was invented in 1954 by Mr. Leland W. Sprinkle of Springfield, Virginia. Today, the "Great Stalacpipe Organ" of Luray Caverns Virginia is played for visitors by activating an automated system which works in a manner much like a child's music box.

Luray Caverns in Virginia is still an active cave where new deposits accumulate at the rate of one cubic inch every 120 years. Visitors have the chance to learn about stalactite formation in Luray Caverns Virginia by taking one of the guided tours that leave from the entrance booth every ten to twenty minutes.

This Virginia natural wonder is also the home to an exciting garden maze -- the largest on the East coast. The Luray Caverns Virginia maze comprises one acre and was designed for entertainment, recreation, and as an object of art. Over 1500 Dark American Arborvitae trees that stand 8 feet tall and four feet wide make up the maze and create a one-half mile pathway for visitor enjoyment. Luray Caverns Virginia provides misting fog within the garden maze at strategic locations to provide cooling and special effects.

At forty points within this Virginia natural wonder's garden maze you must choose a direction in order to solve the riddle. An elevated platform is provided for those who become hopelessly lost.

For Luray Cavern accommodations, Luray Caverns Motel East is a great place to start. This native-stone building is situated in a quiet, scenic location directly opposite the Luray Singing Tower. Amenities include: Free continental breakfast, cable TV, swimming pool. You can also find Luray Cavern accommodations at the Luray Caverns Motel West, a one-story colonial-style building with views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park. Amenities include: Free continental breakfast, cable TV, swimming pool, AAA approved. Packages for both hotels are available including tickets to the Luray Caverns Virginia natural wonder, as well as AAA discounts.

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