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When travelers come to Virginia they soon discover how easy it is to get around. Virginia's central East Coast location - midway between New York and Miami make it less than a single day’s drive from most cities on the Eastern seaboard. Rental cars Virginia as well as a car rental service in Virginia are easy to come by at any of Virginia's 11 commercial airports - including nearby Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Washington Dulles International. You can also find rental cars Virginia and discounted rental cars Virginia at many of Virginia‘s other travel locations such as their 57 general aviation airports and several Amtrak rail service stations. Virginia is also home to well-maintained highways and city roads.

To find cheap rental cars Virginia, identify which airport you’ll be flying into, whether it’s Ronald Reagan National Airport or the smaller Roanoke Regional Airport, and call ahead to identify which car rental service in Virginia you’d most like to rent from. At the Roanoke Regional Airport you can choose from Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, or National/Alamo rental car companies. Often discounted rental cars Virginia can be rented online ahead of time, at greater discounts than you might encounter by calling or by simply asking at the front desk.

If your planning a very special Virginia trip and you’re looking for Virginia luxury rental cars, try inquiring at any of the most common rental companies, such as Avis, Budget, Enterprise or Hertz, chances are they hold a small stock of luxury automobiles such as a Chrysler Town car or even luxury sports cars such as a Corvette or an Audi TT. If you don’t find Virginia luxury rental cars through a common car rental service in Virginia, check the area yellow pages online and contact an independent company such as one in Charlottesville, Virginia simply called Sports Car Rentals. This company offers Alfa Romeo, Triumph, MGA, MGB, and Buick Skylark rentals to those interested in a more customized car rental service in Virginia.

Whether you’re searching for discounted rental cars Virginia, cheap rental cars Virginia, or Virginia luxury rental cars, you’re most likely to find what you need at the airport, or within the limits of a major city such as Richmond or Williamsburg. Try to book your airfare and your car rental service in Virginia at the same time, often you’ll be given a special discount or promotional offer when purchasing both your airline ticket and your car rental at the same time.

Other ways to get around Virginia are by bus or by rail. The Virginia Railway Express offers rail service from Fredericksburg to Washington, D.C. and many stops in between, including a separate rail line from Manassas, Virginia to Union Station in D.C. If money is tight, try the bus, Greyhound offers reliable service from almost every major city in the U.S., including Virginia, at all hours of the day and night.

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