Virginia Beach Airport

The Virginia Beach airport that is most commonly used by far is Norfolk International Airport. Virginia Beach is one of the most popular vacation spots in the southern United States, featuring miles of white-sand beaches, vibrant nightlife, hotels and restaurants, and many cultural attractions. For these reasons and more, millions of people travel to Virginia Beach and Norfolk International Airport services over 3 million of them every year. Although the airport is not in the center of Virginia Beach, it is an easy thirteen-mile drive to the west from Norfolk to get to your final destination.

Norfolk International Airport offers service on Delta, Continental, American Airlines, and many more international carriers. This airport features all of the facilities, services, and amenities you could ever require on a trip to Virginia Beach. All of the basics are covered, including ground transportation and rental cars, but you will also find an array of restaurants, bars, lounges, gift shops, stores, and more. You can also have your shoes shined or just sit back in one of the lounges as you wait for your shuttle. Norfolk International Airport is also the main hub that people use to reach nearby destinations on the Virginia coast like Newport News, Willamsburg, and Norfolk.

When it comes to ground transportation, you have a range of options at the Virginia Beach Airport. There are trolleys available around the city, but not from the airport. There are, however, shuttles, airport taxis, and rental car providers. Rental car companies include national names like Hertz, Budget, and Avis. It is best that you book you rental car along with your airfare, as this will help you avoid the hassle of not getting the car you want and paying far more that you need when you arrive. If you are planning travel to Virginia Beach anytime between late spring and early fall you are absolutely going to want to book your flight, hotel, and rental car as early in the game as possible. Summer is by far the busiest time for tourism in Virginia Beach and the hotels and resorts fill up fast.

Some of the big resorts and hotels offer complimentary transport to and from the accommodation. This may be something that you factor into your decision when you choose from the myriad options for hotels in Virginia Beach. If you find that you are on your way back home and neglected to round up souvenirs for your friends and family back home, rest assured. There are gift shops and stores at the airport where you can buy all manner of trinkets, souvenirs, and gifts with which to commemorate your trip to sunny Virginia Beach. Once you have arranged for all of the details of your trips when it comes to flights, hotels, and such, you can focus on having a good time and exploring the vastness of this beach destination.

There are a few other airports near Virginia Beach, including Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport, but this is a much smaller hub and is far less commonly used for people making the final leg to Virginia Beach. It does however offer flights to coastal Virginia from a variety of locations on carriers including AirTran and U.S. Airways.

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