Croatan Beach

Croatan Beach is only a five-minute drive from the Virginia Beach Boardwalk and oceanfront, and though it is only a short distance, it can feel like it’s many miles away. The Croatan area is upscale, with numerous high-end, multi-million dollar homes lining the beachfront. The area is largely not touristy, but there are many vacation rentals available. Croatan Beach Virginia Beach is almost a mile long and spans from the Rudee Inlet to camp Pendleton. The soft, sandy beach is very well kept and is serviced by lifeguards dispersed along the shoreline, watching both swimmers and surfers alike.

There are plenty of things to do along the shores of Croatan Beach, but surfing takes top spot. Two areas are specifically designated for surfing, one in the southern end at Pendleton and the other at Rudee Inlet in the northern region. Croatan Beach also offers immediate, deep-water access to the ocean so private boats and charters can get in and out quickly and easily. If just visiting for the day, a large parking lot is located near the south end at Camp Pendleton where parking is possible all day long. The East Coast Surfing Championships, or ECSC, are held annually in August near Rudee Inlet, proving that surfing in Croatan Beach Virginia Beach isn’t only for amateurs.

There are many major attractions located near Croatan Beach Virginia beach, including the Marine Science Museum, accessible by driving or walking along the pedestrian pathways leading from the neighborhood. There are also several shopping centers, the Virginia Beach Resort Area, and lots of opportunities for golfing. Nearby Ocean Breeze Park offers a water park, batting cages, Go-Karts, mini-golf and more. To get to the Virginia Beach Boardwalk and oceanfront take a fifteen-minute stroll north and find yourself in the midst of live music, coastal museums, nightclubs and galleries, and myriad local restaurants.

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