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Virginia Beach events 2023 run the gamut from beach concerts and arts festivals to monster truck rallies and auto shows. Virginia Beach is among the most popular vacation destinations in the southern United States. Millions of people travel there every year to enjoy the over 30 miles of beaches, beach activities, cultural attractions, and Virginia Beach festivals. The weather makes it possible for people to enjoy the beach and the outdoors for much of the year, so no matter when you are planning your travel, it is likely there will be a major event going on.

Blues at the Beach

Blues at the Beach is easily one of the top Virginia Beach events. It is held in the month of September and attracts huge crowds every year. This event not only features a bill teeming over with awesome blues and other music acts, but also all kinds of things to do for people of all ages. There are arts and crafts stands, music workshops, and plenty of food and drink to go around. This two-day event has earned a reputation as one of the most enjoyable annual Virginia Beach concerts.

Caribbean Music Festival

The beginning of March brings another of the top Virginia Beach concerts to town, the Caribbean Music Festival. This is another outdoor concert that the whole family can enjoy. The sounds of steel drum music fill the air and Caribbean food abounds. This is a great time to be in Virginia Beach in general, as the weather is not yet too hot, but the beach and water are just about right. You’ll be treated to awesome food, music, and other entertainment while you relax on some of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the southeastern U.S.

Oktober Beer Fest

The Oktober Beer Fest is another popular event that takes place in nearby Hampton Roads. It is a celebration of all things German, most of all beer and food. The music and entertainment is awesome and the atmosphere is, as you might expect, especially friendly. The Virginia Beach Beer Festival is also held during the month of October, so it is safe to say that admirers of hoppy beverages are not likely to be let down if vacationing in Virginia Beach during the month of October.

Virginia Arts Festival

Spring also brings to Virginia Beach the Virginia Arts Festival. This alluring event features the most distinguished and promising artists, not only in Virginia Beach, but also the entire state. And it is not just the visual arts that will captivate you at the Virginia Arts Festival. Music also plays a prominent role in the festivities. You can expect to hear country, rock and roll, jazz, Caribbean, and much more.

Oceana Air Show

The Oceana Air Show is another major event in Virginia Beach held each year in September at the local Oceana Naval Air Station near town. If you are at all a fan of aircraft, old planes, jets, or anything else that flies through the air, this event is worth checking out.

There are fun festivities going on year round in Virginia Beach. You may want to factor them into your plans as you make final arrangements for your vacation. Some more of the most notable Virginia Beach events 2023 include the World Music Drum Festival, the Rock and Roll Half Marathon, the Cruisin’ Virginia Beach Car Show, and the Atlantic Coast Kite Festival.

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Blues at the Beach

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