Things to do for Kids in Virginia Beach

Things to do for kids in Virginia Beach include everything from horseback riding and surfing lessons to dolphin watching excursions and educational tours of places like the Virginia Aquarium. This is one vacation destination where parents can be confident there will be no shortage of activities and attractions to keep everyone happy.

You can very easily split up the time between outdoor activities on the beach and trips to attractions like the Oceana Naval Air Station and gorgeous state parks like False Cape State Park. If you are staying at one of the major hotels or resorts in Virginia Beach, it is also likely that your accommodation will provide amenities and services just for the young ones. These often include game rooms, kid’s activities on the beach and by the pool, and games for the entire family.

The Virginia Beach Amusement Park may provide an afternoon or evening of fun for the family. It is located across from the only pier along the Boardwalk at 15th Street. While the range of rides is limited, it is nonetheless a fun place to take the crew, especially if that include younger children. The Ocean Breeze Waterpark is another great place for the entire family, featuring sixteen waterslides, concessions, and a variety of other rides that are suitable for all ages. The Oceana Naval Air Station is just one more place where the kids will have an exciting and educational experience at the same time.

There are great places to dine around Virginia Beach where both adults and children will have a blast. The best Virginia Beach restaurants are located along the waterfront and offer beautiful views of the ocean. The Boardwalk in general is a great place for shopping, eating, and people watching, and kids will enjoy the lively atmosphere and sandy beaches, too.

Virginia Beach Amusement Park

Amusement Park

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