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Beaches, mountains, historic sites, friendly people. Virginia just seems to have it all. In places like Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown, you can get an unparalleled taste of United States history, and after you have had your fill of history lessons, you might take to the highlands to enjoy the great Virginia outdoors. To say that Virginia is scenic is an understatement, and as many visitors learn every year, it's hard to come to Virginia once without wanting to return. There surely no lack of interesting cities and outdoor retreats to enjoy in Virginia, and you will find that when planning a Virginia vacation, there also is no shortage of interesting Virginia hotels. You can find everything from luxurious to budget Virginia hotels, and if you are on a romantic weekend trip, the state's many charming inns and bed and breakfasts can prove to be ideal. Generally, if you are looking for discount Virginia lodging, you can find it at the chain hotels and motels that are found off of the major roadways. You might also choose to look for discount Virginia lodging by perusing the options for Virginia vacation packages.

For a starting point for your Virginia vacation, you might visit the capital city of Richmond. Located in the eastern middle of the state, Richmond is a fun place to spend some time, perhaps before you hit the coast. Richmond tourism is aided by the city's historical importance, and you can learn a lot about The Old Dominion State by passing a few hours at the Virginia Historical Society. To compliment its historical offerings, Richmond boasts a nice dining scene, and its nightlife ain't too shabby either. There are hotels in Richmond for every budget, meaning you won't have to break the bank to find a good room. For that something extra, you might consider staying at one of the historic hotels in Richmond. For added charm, the bed and breakfast hotels in Richmond are a good way to go in the capital city. About 120 miles east of Richmond, the state's largest city can be found. Virginia Beach is an especially popular destination in the summer, when the Virginia Beach hotels see the bulk of their guests. Among the choices for Virginia Beach hotels are some of the best resorts on the east coast. There are many interesting things to do in Virginia Beach besides just hanging out at the beach, although there is nothing wrong with that. Among the popular attractions here is the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse, and if you are looking for unique Virginia Beach hotels, you might choose the Cape Henry Inn. There are a handful of cities near Virginia Beach worth exploring, and if you are in the area, you will want to explore the options for Norfolk hotels, Newport News hotels, Hampton hotels and Chesapeake hotels.

Between the cities of Richmond and Virginia Beach, you can find the historically-rich city of Williamsburg. Two of the top things to do in Williamsburg are visit Colonial Williamsburg and take the family to Busch Gardens. There are some great Williamsburg VA hotels that offer some very luxurious accommodations, and if the budget is tight, you can find choices for Williamsburg VA hotels that won't put a huge dent in it. It is always a good idea to book a room at the Williamsburg VA hotels in advance if you can. Perhaps no Virginia history tour is complete without a visit to Jamestown, which is found close to Williamsburg. In the northeast part of the state, a great city to visit is Alexandria, partly because it lies just across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. Also nearby is the historic site of Mount Vernon. Walking the historic Alexandria streets is a pleasure in its own rite, and it gives you a chance to examine the city's rich colonial-era architecture. The Alexandria hotels provide a number of luxurious accommodations options, but those looking for Virginia budget hotels shouldn't feel discouraged from dropping into town. You might also consider staying nearby at one of the Arlington hotels. Among the featured attractions in Arlington is the Arlington National Cemetery, where you can find scores of veterans' graves, as well as John F. Kennedy's grave and the Eternal Flame. The Pentagon is also located in Arlington, and when it comes to upscale Virginia hotels, the city boasts a nice group of them.

Of course, Virginia's allure is not found only along the coast. For a nice base in the Shenandoah Valley, you might check out the options for Roanoke hotels. Roanoke is known as the “Star City of the South”, and its location among the Blue Ridge Mountains helps to make it a featured destination. You can find part of the Appalachian Trail winding through the Roanoke area, and for a most scenic Virginia drive, you might head up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, especially when the Fall foliage is showing off its vibrant colors. You can book a luxury room in Roanoke, and the city is a good bet for those looking for Virginia budget hotels. If you want to be close to the mountains, and are looking for one of the state's biggest attractions, then you will want to consider a stay at one of the Charlottesville hotels. Charlottesville is where you will find Monticello, which is the famed former home of Thomas Jefferson. Charlottesville is also a good base from which to visit some of the best Virginia wineries. The list of attractive Virginia destinations could go on for quite some time, as could the list of great Virginia hotels. Suffice it to say that neither are lacking, and with so many great Virginia hotels to choose from, you can always find a fitting place to rest your head, wherever in the state you go. Again, if you are looking for discount Virginia lodging, be sure to look for vacation packages that offer hotel deals.

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