Virginia Tours

Tours of Virginia are a popular visitor option for those who want to see Virginia at the hands of an experienced Virginia travel guide or company. From a bicycle tour Virginia, to a bus tour Virginia, Virginia train tour or Virginia driving tours, there are a myriad of ways to explore and enjoy this exciting Southern destination.

Bicycle Tour Virginia

Many Virginia towns offer a bicycle tour Virginia option. Arlington for example offers a 23-mile self-guided tour with 12 stops through the city. A Virginia travel guide for the tour is also available for purchase at the Arlington Historical Museum. This somewhat hilly tour takes most riders at least four hours. You can also bicycle tour Virginia for up to ten days with a company called Old Dominion Bicycle Tours. These tours stick to back-roads for safety reasons and include overnight stays in historic Inns and hotels. Prices vary, so call ahead for details.

Bus Tour Virginia

Take bus tours Virginia in almost any of Virginia’s famous cities. Try the Historic Suffolk Narrated bus tour where guests get the chance to experience Suffolk through a tour of historic homes, neighborhoods, churches and Virginia Civil War Trails. Reservations are required for bus tours Virginia and are usually at least an hour long. Richmond, the state capitol also offers a Historic Cemeteries Guided Bus Tour Virginia, where you have the opportunity to visit the St. John’s Churchyard, Shockoe Cemetery, the Hebrew Cemetery and Hollywood Cemetery. The tour focuses on the layout of the grounds of the cemeteries, their eventual uses as parks, and the artwork and symbolism of the tombstones. Cost ranges from $18 - $20 and lasts from 10am - 1pm.

Virginia Train Tour

The Ghost Train at Northwest River Park is a great Virginia train tour for those who appreciate haunted parks. You’ll take a Virginia train tour through the haunted woods of Northwest River Park and hopefully reach the other side. Reservations required and tickets are based on availability. Contact the Ghost Train for tour times.

Virginia Driving Tours

Despite the pleasure and ease a bike, bus, or train tour can provide, tours of Virginia are sometimes best when done at your own pace. Take a Virginia driving tour of the Blue Ridge Highlands or the historic Virginia triangle, including Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. Find rental cars at the local airport and buy a map to keep on track. Crank the radio up and enjoy Virginia on a road-trip with the whole family.

All tours of Virginia are worthwhile and you don’t have to choose just one means of seeing all the historic sites and national parks you’ve been dreaming of. In a matter of days or weeks you can fit in at least two to three tours of Virginia via bus, train, car or bicycle. Just take your time and enjoy, there’s always more to see.

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