Water Country Rides

Water Country rides are known for their variety and adrenaline rush. The rides at the famous water park in Williamsburg have attracted slews of crowds, both locals and tourists, for years and remain a popular spot in the summer. The water park offers the best of everything, from steep, straight drops to double tube rides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and kiddie areas. The park caters to children and adults of all ages with its huge variety and spread out park complex, so if you are looking to escape the heat while in the Williamsburg area, be sure to check out Water Country USA and all it has to offer.

The rides at this great water park in Williamsburg are varied and provide fun for every member of the family. The park offers a variety of raft and family rides that are suitable for both children and adults. The Aquazoid is one of the favorite rides as the raft can hold either four adults or three adults and two children. The raft plunges down the dark enclosed piping and is cooled off with waterfalls and a great splashdown at the end. Another great family ride is Big Daddy Falls. The raft can fit the same number of persons as the Aquazoid and mimics white water rafting; it twists and turns as it goes through a series of flumes, tunnels, and rapids. The Aquazoid and Big Daddy Falls are some of the best rides at Water Country USA and the most popular for families, so be prepared to wait in line.

There are also a slew of tube rides at the best water park in Williamsburg that are fun for people of all ages. Meltdown is a zoom flume that accommodates three riders per raft. The steep sides and 180-degree turns send riders hurtling down the 700-foot slide at a rapid pace while cooling them off at the same time. The Malibu Pipeline is also another great tube ride that allows riders to go down the slide with a friend. The double tube travels down a mostly enclosed tube that is filled with surprise turns, twists, water jets, and a waterfall! Wild Thang is also considered one of the best rides at Water Country USA. The open flume is over 500-feet long and riders go down in tubes by twos. The tube sways back and forth the whole way down allowing riders to cool off and test their balance skills.

If you prefer a little more adrenaline during your visit, there are numerous Water Country rides that will suit your fancy. Jet Scream is a great water slide that consists of four separate flumes, all twisted around one another. Those daring enough to take the plunge do so individually and can reach up to plummeting speeds of 25 miles per hour. Rampage is also one of the best rides at Water Country USA for those who like steep slides. Riders are given their own surf-boggan and soar down the flume that is tilted at a 60-degree angle. Once you reach the bottom of the flume, the surf-boggan skids across a 120-foot pool before dumping you off.

Although Water Country USA is famous for its water slides and rides, there are other areas of the water park that do not require hurdling down a flume. The Surfer’s Bay wave pool is a great hang out spot with plenty of room. You can venture into the wave pool with a tube or on your own but be aware—the waves can get quite large. The Hubba Hubba Highway is also a great option. It is Water Country’s take on a lazy river except with unique twists. The current is fast-paced and you free float without a tube. The Hubba Hubba is dotted with surprise geysers and sprayers, so you will definitely get wet.

The variety of Water Country rides makes Water Country USA a perfect spot to cool off during your trip to Williamsburg. Perfect for every member of your family or your travel companions, a day shooting down slides and riding the wave pool will be a highlight of your trip, and with the array of Water Country coupons and hotels in Williamsburg, you can make it work on nearly any budget as well.

Image: Scott K. Brown
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