Water Country USA

Water Country USA is an outstanding water park located in Williamsburg Virginia. The park boasts 30 water slides and attractions, a variety of eateries, and live entertainment. The park's theme is based on the 1950s and 1960s surf era, with splashes of color everywhere and an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. The largest of all the Virginia water parks, Water Country is the most visited by travelers and locals alike due to its size and offering of great water slides. The slides here range from a steep drop to low-key tube rides and children's areas. Water Country Williamsburg is a perfect place for travelers to cool off during the hot summer months, as well as a great spot for locals to buy season passes at discounted rates.

Water Country USA is famous for its reasonable admission prices, clean facilities, and enough outstanding slides to thrill any visitor. The water park opens it season in mid-May and stays open until mid-September when the weather starts to cool off. Water Country Williamsburg opens at 10 am each day and closes at 5 pm in May and the beginning of June, until 8 pm from mid-June through August, and until 7 pm at the end of August and the beginning of September. The great hours give visitors a full day of fun in the sun and plenty of time to ride each water slide more than once! The park is crowded throughout the week during the season due to its popularity, but visitors will run into more families on the weekends.

When looking to purchase Water Country tickets, be sure to consider how much time you wish to spend at the largest of the Virginia water parks. A single day ticket for adults comes at a reasonable cost, while there is a discount available for children between ages 3 and 9. If you’re also going to be visiting the neighboring Busch Gardens, the spectacular amusement park just minutes away, look into purchasing a combined pass. For around $70, visitors can get unlimited admission to both Water Country USA and Busch Gardens for seven consecutive days—a bargain for those wishing to visit both parks. There are always specials featured on both parks' web sites as well, if you want to do some research before purchasing your tickets, but if you prefer to wait, visitors can purchase tickets at the entrance to Water Country USA for the same price.

A trip to Water Country Williamsburg is the perfect way to spend any hot sunny day, with the variety of slides, pools, and water areas it has to offer. All the Water Country rides are entertaining, but the most popular here are the flume rides. The Wild Thang and Meltdown are tube rides that send riders plummeting through twists and turns in enclosed and open slides. If you prefer a more relaxed time at the water park, head to Surfer's Bay (a wave pool) or the Rambling River (a lazy river perfect for kicking back and floating downstream). Hubba Hubba Highway is also a great choice, as it is a lazy river that adds some lagoons and waterfalls into the mix. Children will find the Little Bopper, a kids’ water slide; the Kritter Korral, a children's pool with small water slides; and Cow-a-Bunga, the children's attraction area, to be a perfect match for them.

Out of all the Virginia water parks, Water Country USA is the most famous and one of the most popular year after year because of all it has to offer. No matter how young or old, tall or small you are, there is a water slide and attraction area that will suit your fancy. There is no better way to cool off on a hot day, and the array of hotels in Williamsburg and other attractions in the area will make sure you head home happy.

Image: Scott K. Brown
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