Adams Morgan DC

Adams Morgan DC attractions include a host of galleries supported and maintained by the group of community artists that essentially run the district itself. It’s this artist-led management that brings Adams Morgan a truly unique edge. It is north of Dupont Circle and renowned for the vibrant and dynamic outdoor wall murals adorning buildings and even residential dwellings throughout the area. It is this funky, magnetic vibe that has made Adams Morgan nightlife a top contender with tourists and locals, and often with newly setting immigrants as well.

The District of Columbia Arts Center is one of the top Adams Morgan DC attractions and a great place to enjoy a healthy dose of local and national art. The DC Arts Center is home base for a duo of theater production companies. Unconventional theater is the focus of both theater companies where the body of work includes offbeat and sometimes controversial topics. The JFK Center for Performing Arts is another of the Adam Morgan DC attractions featuring art performances with a whopping seven theaters. Shows at this Adams Morgan DC theater include ballets, operas, plays, films, and concerts. Top features include free tours and the popular Shakespeare Festival. Tickets for shows can be found at the box office and through certain Adams Morgan hotels. If there is a particularly popular show, sometimes tickets are even available through cheap vacation packages.

Where in some DC neighborhoods, attractions such as the dinner cruises or the golf courses are most often explored by tourists, Adams Morgan DC attractions tend to lean more toward the Adams Morgan nightlife scene. Most bars and clubs charge a nominal entrance fee that generally includes a drink. Late night eateries are plentiful and it is a ritual of bar-dwellers to head out for a late night slice of pizza, falafel, gyros, or other ethnic treats available once the bars shut down for the night. A diverse group of people frequent the bars in Adams Morgan, though the majority of the crowds tend to be in their twenties and thirties. However, there are definitely a range of Adams Morgan nightlife establishments and the scene is very diversified, where all ages gather and socialize easily.

In Adams Morgan DC, getting outdoors is essential to the creative spirit. The streets are often crowded with groups of artists, street performers, portraits painters, and other artistically inspired events. Nearby, Meridian Hill Park is a popular spot for many things to do. It seems a bit conspicuous upon approach; tall stone walls embrace the park flanked by a stretched-out staircase leading the way up. Nestled into a hill that comes to a plateau somewhere around Columbia Heights, Meridian Park consists of twelve acres that stretch both east and west. Almost a decade old, the park was named after its coordinates, which plow right through the White House at their precise, prime meridian longitude. Cascading waterfalls, multi-level gardens, and many marble and stone statues are park features to enjoy during walks.

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