Washington DC Airports

Washington DC airports cover all the bases for arrivals and departures into the state. Air transportation is affective and reliable and offers a huge array of options for travelers, whether for business or leisure. Reagan National Airport is one of the most utilized of all area airports, but other airports close to but not actually in DC also function as DC airports, these include Dulles International Airport and Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Also known as DCA, Reagan National Airport is closest to central Washington DC making it a favored choice for visitors and locals alike. It's located southwest of the National Mall where the biggest and most famous DC attractions are. It is actually in Arlington,Virginia, yet easy transportation options make getting the four miles to DC a breeze. The building is modern and bright and holds three distinct terminals. Sitting on the edge of the Potomac River and near the Jefferson Memorial, DCA holds a hot spot on prime real estate. Featuring a completely new look after an extensive renovation, the Reagan National Airport offers plenty of things to do during delays or when awaiting departure. As the most important of all Washington DC airports, the new design reflects DC’s commitment to welcoming arrivals with a fantastic first impression. Enjoy dining among a choice in restaurants, head out shopping to pass time away, or go for drinks in one of the many airport bars to take the edge off. A large art collection affords a more personal look to the facilities walls.

Heading into DC from DCA is easy. Taxis, shuttles, and the Metro route travelers over one of the memorial bridges and easily drive to top locations such as Georgetown and Dupont Circle. There are public transportation stops right out side the airport as well.

Washington DC airports like Dulles International are farther away, about 35 miles. Dulles also offers shuttles and taxis that are always available. The Metro doesn't offer service between DC and Dulles, but an Express Bus does for a reasonable rate. This international option welcomes travelers from all over the world so it can get quite hectic during prime daytime hours. Be prepared for longer waits during peak tourist season but in general, expect a fairly quick procession.

Other airports near Washington DC include Baltimore-Washington International Airport, or BWI. Roughly the same distance away as Dulles, and nearly as busy as the Reagan National Airport, BWI is 45 miles from DC. Shuttles are readily available to whisk passengers off either straight into the city to Dupont Circle, downtown, and other neighborhoods, or to the train station for a connection into DC. Taxis are available, but because of the distance, they can be pricey if heading to DC.

Using Washington DC airports is generally a good experience with plenty of amenities and services to hit on most all needs. Due to the fact that there are three major airports in the area, comparing airfare between these three airports is an excellent way to get the best deals on flying into the area. Once out of the airport, there are many fun things to do around DC, from visiting the museums and monuments to walking through historic areas and enjoying the abundant natural spaces.


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