Washington DC Bicycle Tours

Washington DC bicycle tours are perfect for the adventurous type and eco-friendly travelers seeking to lessen their environmental impact, or travelers just looking for a leisurely way to get around that's a bit faster than walking. Whether it's day tours or DC night bike tours, cycling around the city is a great way to travel between attractions and experience everyday DC. Cyclists choosing to pedal their way through Washington can see landmarks filled with history and a deluge of National Monuments that are some of the most important in the country. Don't worry about getting lost because most Washington DC bicycle tours are led by experienced guides. DC night bike tours are also guided trips offering moonlit sightseeing trips.

Don't fret about getting a window seat again! Touring the city via bicycle is definitively one of the fun things to do in DC and offers the best, unobstructed views. Explore rich history and architecture along the way. Stop and learn about the past behind top DC attractions, and enjoy an up-close view of the everyday workings of the Nation's Capital. Great views, an animated atmosphere, and a fresh perspective on the city awaits. Exploring the National Mall during DC night bike tours is a whole new take on typical DC tours. Whether you choose day or night, all guided Washington DC bicycle tours include a mountain bicycle and a helmet. Some companies offer water and snacks on route.

Most itineraries differ slightly between bike tour companies, yet all of the same main attractions are generally covered. DC night bike tours are most common inside the National Mall, home to the largest concentration of major DC attractions. Throughout the mall, with no cars to contend with, cycling is safe and easy. Explore attractions such as the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, and the architecture of the National Gallery. Some tours offer things to do like cycling by the Potomac Tidal Basin, just south of the National Mall. Perfect for family vacations and those who only have limited time to sight-see, Washington DC bicycle tours are an ideal way to get outside, get some exercise, and get educated about DC's most famous attractions.

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