District of Columbia Hotels

If you want to see some of the country's most enduring and iconic relics, then there is no better place to travel to than Washington DC. The attractions in Washington DC are so numerous that you can definitely lose yourself in them, which is part of the DC experience. Just wandering around the National Mall here offers the chance to explore the Lincoln Memorial, gaze up at the Washington Memorial, duck into one of the Smithsonian's free museums, and stand in reverence at the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial. Complimenting the many things to do and see in and around the National Mall, are the city's vibrant, historic and character-laden neighborhoods. The DC attractions, dining, entertainment and nightlife all combine to make a Washington DC vacation among the most rewarding in the country. Surely, though, days full of frolicking about Pennsylvania Avenue and DC's neighborhoods is going to tire you out at some point. That's where the Washington DC hotels come in.

From stylish and historic, to trendy and original, the hotels in DC might just offer the best selection you'll find in any one place. Those looking for elegance and amenities will find plenty of luxury hotels DC options, while those preferring to save money for other things can find an ample room at one of the discount hotels DC offers. While the discount hotels DC rates are higher than what you will generally find in other parts of the country, it helps that many top DC attractions are free. When you are choosing the Washington DC hotels that you will stay in, your main concern might just be how close you will be to what you want to see. Of course, if your budget is a bit tight, you might find that a good amount of the hotels in DC might be out of range. The surrounding cities in Maryland and Virginia will generally be a good bet for those seeking out discount hotels DC opportunities, but there are also some options closer to the National Mall and the U.S. Capitol Building. The Arlington hotels and Alexandria hotels on the Virginia side of the Potomac River are also worth considering for those researching the Washington DC hotels.

As history is a big draw for people visiting Washington DC, the best way to go may be to stay in one of the historic hotels DC provides. There are plenty of them, and staying at one near the National Mall or the White House, for example, helps to cement the historic notions that naturally swirl about here. Some of the historic hotels DC considerations are among the very best overall hotels in DC, no doubt due largely in part to their distinguished character. The Willard Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue is among the most notable historic hotels DC candidates, but by no means does it completely distance itself from other worthy possibilities. Some of the historic Washington DC hotels can also be found on the most luxurious hotels DC list. Partly responsible for setting the luxury hotels DC selections apart from the more standard options is the level of service they provide. The Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown, for example, definitely makes you feel special, and the additional services go a long way when you are worn out from a day of exploring all that Georgetown has to offer.

Besides New York City, it's hard to think of any other metropolis in the country that offers so many world-class museums as does Washington DC, which is part of why staying at one of the hotels in DC is so attractive. The National Gallery of Art, the National Museum of Natural History and the recently added International Spy Museum are just a few you might want to drop in on. If you have been to Washington DC already and think you have seen it all, new attractions, museums and memorials have recently come to fruition, and on the horizon, you can bet there are more waiting in the wings to debut. Maybe it's time you take a look at the hotels in DC again and come back to explore both what you've already seen, and what you will be seeing for the very first time. So book a couple days or more at one of the Washington DC hotels and come see this constantly changing, yet remarkably steadfast core of the United States. You'll be glad you did.

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