FedEx Field

FedEx Field is home to the Washington Redskins football team. If you’re looking for a festive football atmosphere, purchase some FedEx Field tickets and get ready for a party. The game-day experience begins up to two hours before kickoff, when bands play throughout the stadium grounds, concessions are open for business, and hospitality villages make each trip to the stadium something new. Seating at FedEx field varies for each of 90,000 fans who attend the games, but no matter where your seat is, you will leave the stadium feeling the fever of the Washington Redskins.

The football team of the Washington DC area has devoted fans from around the region. At any given day at FedEx field locals would have traveled from downtown Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and even Baltimore. Many fans choose to drive themselves, and there is ample parking available at the stadium. Tailgating is a popular pastime, so if you do arrive by car, remember to bring your cooler and some snacks along as well. Parking is by permit only, which is a separate purchase to FedEx Field tickets. Cash parking is available within walking distance if you haven’t arranged or a permit in advance.

If you'd rather not drive, you can avoid the cost of parking altogether at FedEx field by arriving with public transportation. The Blue Line of the Metro will bring you right to the stadium—just get off at the Morgan Boulevard Metro Station. The ease of public transport makes finding hotels near FedEx field easy. Drop your bags at a hotel in Washington DC and after a day of exploring our nation’s capital, hop on the Metro for a Washington Redskins game. If you’d rather not stay in Washington DC, there are plenty of affordable choices near the stadium including a Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn, and Radisson Hotel.

Seating at FedEx field is spread across four levels. Season ticket holders occupy some of the best seats in the stadium, but these are often sold second-hand, especially on the Internet. Whether you are going to splurge on great seats or save on affordable seats, book your FedEx Field tickets as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Has game day left you with a bit of curiosity about the field? Come back for a guided tour that grants you access to club suites, the press box, the locker room, and even the playing field. An exciting tour for kids and adults alike, this "backstage pass" is offered on Tuesday and Thursday only.

Not all seating at FedEx field is for watching football games. The stadium is also a popular venue for corporate meetings, holiday parties, and all sorts of receptions. Only interested in the football? You may want to consider season tickets, maybe even at the club level. A variety of restaurants, bars, flat-screen TVs, and comfortable leather chairs brings a touch of luxury to attending a Skins game. Some of the best seats in the stadium are in the first three rows and are called the Dream Seats, where the intensity of the game reaches new heights. For a splurge, try to get your hands on a pair of these tickets, but they won’t be found easily!

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