DC Food Trucks

Washington DC food trucks are in good supply, providing city residents and visitors alike with convenient and interesting dining options. In relation to convenience, Washington DC is a city where the sights are many and the list of things to do is long. This is also a place where movers and shakers are pressed for time. With everyone so busy, grabbing something quick at a food truck can be a great time saver. As for being interesting, the  Washington DC food trucks offer an impressive array of dishes. From empanadas and kabobs to crepes and cupcakes, you won’t want for diversity. This diversity in food selection helps to make food trucks an interesting component of Washington DC food tours.

Washington DC Food Trucks

Washington DC Food Trucks
Washington DC Food Trucks

The first food truck opened in Washington DC in 2009. Since then, the industry has taken off. So much so, that it’s getting harder and harder to track the city’s fleet of culinary crusaders. On a more individual level, there are Washington DC food trucks that visit some of the densest parts of the city and others that target areas with no restaurants. Supporters of the growing industry argue that the trucks create jobs, inspire investment in the local community, and provide efficient use of public parking spaces. Of course, it’s really all about the food itself when it comes down to it. The Washington DC food trucks offer something for every taste, and their general attention to freshness and overall quality is largely to thank for their increasing popularity.

Washington DC Food Tours

Washington DC tours come in a range of shapes and sizes, and with so many restaurants and cuisines to choose from, the nation’s capital can certainly be an excellent place to get in touch with the savory side of life. Complementing the city’s restaurants are numerous food trucks, and they alone can be the subject of a food-based excursion. Some Washington DC food tours actually put the focus on the city’s food trucks, offering wonderful insight into the industry on the whole. On these tours, several different trucks are visited, allowing for a more comprehensive experience. And don’t be surprised if a little information on the city’s history and culture is sprinkled in on the side. For foodies, it’s an ideal opportunity to mix dining adventure with general sightseeing in one of the world’s greatest tourist destinations.


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