International Spy Museum

When visiting Washington DC, check out one of its newest attractions, The International Spy Museum DC. Unique and intriguing among the capital's museums, this Washington DC spy museum is the only public museum in the world dedicated to the tradecraft, history, and contemporary role of espionage. The Washington DC Spy Museum offers programs and displays on the vocation of spying, through individuals recounting of their historic experiences, implements, and methods. Displays present the world's largest public collection of spying artifacts. These artifacts, combined with historic photographs, state-of-the-art audio visual programs, computer interactive displays and special effects, reveal the strategies and techniques of the people who undertook some of the most dangerous and covert missions in the history of mankind. Spying has been a part of the United States government since the Revolutionary War, and this unusual museum gives a uniquelook at that part of the capital's history

The International Spy Museum Washington DCs speeches, classes, and symposia present highlights not only from spies, but from the researchers and writers who have brought the mystique of this profession alive for us. Programs at the spy museum in Washington DC take a thoughtful look at a wide range of historic and contemporary topics and issues. They provide "behind the scenes" information and new insights into world affairs. From former KGB agents, you can find out about how secret agents are selected, and the demands of undertaking the covert lifestyle of a spy. Discover for yourself how important analysts are to the policy process, and chat with the writers of the leading espionage novels.

In addition to playing surveillance games, International Spy Museum Washington DC visitors can see tools of the deception game, like a gun made to resemble a tube of lipstick, and a shoe that was actually a listening device for the Soviets. They can watch a video that shows individuals being made up for disguise, and can crawl on their bellies through ductwork in the ceiling overhead, like real spies. Visitors at the Spy Museum in Washington DC can meet real "spies," and find out how abilities like paying attention to details, analyzing large quantities of information, thinking critically and playing team are crucial, both in the spy trade and in living real life. Courses on undercover makeup, high-tech tools, cracking codes, and the science of espionage are offered on a regular basis, along with performance of spy magic, and overnight events called Operation Secret Slumber.

The gift shop at the spy museum in Washington DC is chock-full of toys for kids and adults alike. Here, you can pick up a secret agent kit, a fingerprinting kit, a pen that secretly records audio, and a houseplant that is actually a hidden camera! Spy City Cafe at 9th and F Streets is a great place for locals and tourists alike to enjoy a casual meal in a relaxed environment.

The International Spy Museum Washington DC has been the rage since it debuted in 2002, so lines at the door can be long. When visiting Washington DC, consider purchasing tickets in advance through Ticketmaster, which you can pick up when you arrive at the museum. You can also purchase advance tickets, including those for tours later in the day, at the box office. The International Spy Museum is located at 800 F Street, NW, one block from the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro station, which provides convenient access. It's about seven blocks away from the White House, and only three blocks from the National Gallery of Art.

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