Luxury Hotels in Washington DC

Washington DC is defined by world-class elegance. There are so many luxury hotels in Washington DC, it is difficult to narrow the options. One favorite is the Omni Shoreham Hotel, which, since 1930, has hosted world leaders and inaugural balls, making it a true Washington landmark. The Omni Shoreham Hotel, rated with four diamonds, is tucked away on eleven acres in the beautiful Rock Creek Park in northwest Washington DC, and many of the luxurious suites have peaceful park views.

St Regis Washington DC
St Regis Washington DC

Two blocks from The White House, the St. Regis Hotel is one of the most prestigious of Washington DC luxury hotels for royalty, presidents, and prime ministers. Since Calvin Coolidge cut the ceremonial ribbon in 1926, every American President has visited The St. Regis. Designed to resemble an Italian palace from the Renaissance era, the hotel is sumptuously decorated with antiques from Europe, classical Roman windows, Louis XVI chandeliers, and luxurious curtains of rose-colored weave. The St. Regis was recently named in Travel and Leisure's Top 500 of the World's Best Hotels for 2005.

Another standout among Washington DC luxury hotels, the Tudor-style Henley Park Hotel, offers visitors a European getaway experience. Over a hundred gargoyles and genuine leaded windows on the edifice reveal a welcoming interior. Given its fairly-tale ambience, topnotch service, and teas in the afternoon, it is no wonder that guests return again and again. The Henley Park's critically-acclaimed restaurant, the Coeur de Lion, receives top ten ratings in the Zagat Survey for food, service and décor.

In addition to the more formal kind of luxury, Washington DC luxury hotels cater to trends. There are numerous boutique hotels with a more avant-garde or playful kind of abundance. If you like Hollywood glamor, jump into the limelight at the Hotel Helix, where vibrant interior design and Hollywood retro ambience greet you. Guests are not only pampered; they are treated like celebrities. Indulge in free champagne every night at Bubbly Hour, and enjoy the movie-themed delights in your luxury honor bar. The Helix Lounge throbs with energy and bold colors. Here, you can relax into the white leather gazebo or on the ottomans that light up when you sit down!

If you are a fan of fitness, gourmet cuisine or films, you may enjoy a specialty room at the Hotel Madera, another trendy boutique amongst luxury Washington DC hotels. Their Screening Rooms feature well-appointed libraries of DVDs. Their Cardio Rooms have individual stationary bikes and treadmills. If you love to cook, book a Nosh Room and enjoy a sensual culinary feast.

Perhaps the one of the most adventurous of luxury Washington DC hotels is Hotel Rouge off Logan Circle. "Sign in" to a Chat Room with a high-speed computer terminal. "Dine in" one of the Chow Rooms offering well-appointed kitchenettes, perfect for entertaining or extended stays. Or "hide out" in a Chill Room, featuring state-of-the-art relaxation with flat-screen TVs and Sony PlayStations. Of course, the color red rules in the décor, and Bloody Marys are complimentary in the morning.

For a restful retreat from DC's bustle, try The Topaz Hotel, a tranquil oasis of positive energy. Seamlessly weaving Eastern culture with sleek, modern design, The Topaz is a gentle yin to DC's vibrant yang. Stay in one of the Energy Rooms, with your choice of a recumbent bike, V bike, or elliptical edger. Or try a Yoga Room, featuring a Yoga nook and mirror, yoga amenities, and complimentary bottled water. In the morning, enjoy complimentary energy drinks at Power Hour. With all these luxury hotels in Washington DC available, when you stay in the heart of the free world, you really can have it your way!

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