The Newseum opened on April 11, 2008 and has quickly become one of the most popular attractions in Washington DC. The museum puts the focus on news and journalism and offers plenty of interactive exhibits that are both fun and informative. Everything is captivating at the Newseum, with even the exterior of the structure warranting some consideration and appreciation. Of particular interest on the building’s exterior is the 75-foot-high tablet on the left side of the façade that is inscribed with the words from the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The best views of the Newseum exterior can be enjoyed from across the street.

Newseum Exhibits

Newseum Exhibits
Newseum Exhibits

After a few minutes spent admiring the exterior of the Newseum, visitors will want to rush on in to indulge in all the great exhibits. Many of the exhibits are delightfully interactive and aim to give visitors an idea about what it’s like to be a reporter, a TV journalist, a researcher, or even an editor. More than 100 interactive game stations figure among the general Newseum facilities, as do two state-of-the-art broadcast studious, 15 galleries, and 15 theaters. The galleries house the permanent exhibits, including the sobering 9/11 Gallery. This exhibit covers the horrendous and unthinkable events of September 11, 2001 and highlights the challenges and dangers that faced journalists who reported the story to a shaken world.

Complementing the 9/11 Gallery at the Newseum in Washington DC are 14 other permanent gallery exhibits. Among these other permanent exhibits is the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery, which has a habit of leaving visitors speechless. Outside of the permanent galleries, the Newseum offers a permanent atrium exhibit where the world’s latest news is transmitted via various devices, including a giant high-definition screen. Another area of the museum has changing exhibits that aim to provide an in-depth look at major topics of the day and emerging media trends. Comprehensive is the word that comes to mind when trying to describe the Newseum exhibits in total, and thanks to all the great interactive features, seeing everything is anything but a task.

Inside Newseum

Newseum Washington DC
Newseum Washington DC

Since there are so many interesting things to see at the Newseum, visitors are encouraged to budget a sufficient amount of time so that they can take it all in appropriately. No visit would be complete without absorbing at least a little bit of everything, including the original books and documents that are on display in the Great Books Gallery. And don’t forget to step out onto the museum’s outdoor promenade, from which you can enjoy splendid views of Pennsylvania Avenue and the nearby Capitol Building. Back inside the Newseum, the theaters show an assortment of engaging films and there are temporary exhibits to add even more substance. Rounding out the Newseum facilities is a casual food court for visitors to take advantage of when a break and some refreshments are in order.

The address for the Newseum in Washington DC is 555 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. That puts the popular attraction on one of America’s most famous streets and between Capitol Hill and the White House. Also close by is the National Mall, so the area in general is a joy to explore. The general Newseum hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, though it should be noted that they can change without notice. The museum is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Admission fees apply, and since it can be difficult to fit everything in on a one-day visit, the tickets allow for free admission on the following day. If you aren’t staying at one of the hotels near the Newseum, you can avoid driving or long walks by taking the Metro instead. Take the Metro to Archives/Navy Memorial/Penn Quarter (Green Line and Yellow Line) or Judiciary Square (Red Line). Finally, since Newseum discounts and coupons are sometimes available, it can be a good idea to keep an eye out for special deals.

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