Night Tours Washington DC

The night tours Washington DC options allow guests a great way to see the many attractions, beautiful architecture, and historic areas by moonlight or attractive spotlighting. DC architecture is especially appealing during night tours with every angle and curve illuminated in a completely different way than the daytime, accentuating the meandering lines throughout the building and creating an illusion only seen once the sun sets. DC memorial night tours are popular for the very same reason, they look breathtaking at night, hauntingly illuminated by light.

Night Tours
Night Tours

There are many options in night tours Washington DC visitors can choose between. Tour departure points are easily found at the National Mall and the National Harbor. Many hotels will arrange tours for guests and have them picked up and dropped off directly at the hotel. Seeing DC buildings at night is popular via bus tours on either a regular or double-decker bus. The open-air buses tend to offer better views, but are a bit of a downer if it starts to rain because, with lower-level seats filled, there is nowhere to take cover. Chilly weather can also put a damper on open-air seating. Segway tours are another excellent way to enjoy DC memorial night tours. Spilling in to the National Mall, Segway tours zip between the endless attractions in the area such as the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial and the many national museums that lie inside the massive, green-laden space.

For the energetic, bicycle tours are yet another way to get out into the night air and experience DC buildings at night. A ride after dining is a popular venture. Follow up easily with DC memorial night tours for a complete evening of sightseeing and avoid the daytime crowds, summer heat, and enjoy a whole new way of looking at the city. A large variety of guided tours are available both day and night. Tour guides are generally very knowledgeable about the history of DC attractions and narrate a field trip with plenty of interesting facts. Guides also relay eerie tales of which ghosts are rumored to occupy certain DC buildings at night.

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