Segway Tours Washington DC

Segway tours Washington DC inspire  visitors to leap on to a brand new way of seeing, and being in, the Nation's capital. DC segway tours are evolving into a much more common way to tour the biggest attractions around DC. Segway night tours of DC are even more unconventional and one of the most fun things to do when in the city.  Essentially a personal transportation, a Segway is a motorized, two-wheeled personal vehicle that fits only one individual at a time. Riders stand up and use the hand controls to make the segway move in various directions. With an affordable price tag attached, more and more people are enjoying segway night tours of DC and daytime sightseeing excursions. Keep in mind the minimum age is 16. There is also an orientation period of 30 minutes before starting out.

Segway tours Washington DC options involve various choices in tours. The National Mall is definitely the most popular attraction and the top choice among bus and trolley tours as well as bike tours. The Capitol Building and Washington Monument are also highlights. DC segway tours offer a first-hand look at the city on-route, much like a bicycle, without the need to exert much energy to get around. Segway night tours of DC are ideal for those that like to get out in the evening, and prefer a new, moonlit perspective of attractions like the many memorials throughout the National Mall and the White House.

 There are many tours to choose from including  DC segway tours of the area where Lincoln was assassinated and tours of Georgetown, Dupont Circle, and other popular neighborhoods. Most segway tours Washington DC time lines are two to three hours maximum and include a guide that offers plenty of history behind the sights, anecdotes, and even dining advice is there's a notable restaurant along the way. Tours operate through rain and shine and supply ponchos when the sky opens up. DC segway tours are affordable, fun, and enlightening and arranged in small groups of 8-10 for maximum benefits.

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