Suggested Itineraries for Washington DC

Washington DC is one of those cities that pack a lot of attractions into a small space. You can see some of the highlights in a day or two, or you could spend a week or more really getting a full picture of what makes the city tick. Either way, the suggested itineraries for DC listed below should give you some helpful ideas for planning your trip.

Suggested Itineraries Washington DC:

1-3 Days

At the top of all suggested itineraries Washington DC you’ll find the capital building. Seeing the White House is something everyone who is in DC, even for an afternoon, should do. If you have time, take a tour of the building and see what you can of the inside. Deal with the long lines and intense security checks if only to walk through the same doors as Lincoln, JFK, and so many other leaders have done. You can also try and catch the Supreme Court in session while you are there, and stop by the Library of Congress, the National Gallery of Art or the Shakespeare Library and Garden if you are so inclined.

4-7 Days

With many days for your Washington DC suggested itinerary, you can spend a little more time at a few locations, or spend a little time at a whole lot more locations. The choice depends on your desired pace of vacation. Some options for your Washington DC tour itinerary include a trip to the Holocaust Museum, the National Zoological Park, the National Air and Space Museum, the International Spy Museum, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and the National Archives. Still not tired? Don’t forget to stop by a café or restaurant to grab a bite to each on your way to the Smithsonian Institution.

7+ Days

You really can easily spend seven days or more in just one city. Your Washington DC suggested itineraries for a longer stay should include stops at as many of the above locations as you would like, as well as a few more, less crowded attractions. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the National Mall, the Arlington National Cemetery, the Washington Monument, and Seventh Street District are all equally popular destinations. Pennsylvania Avenue is worth a stroll, as well.

There are so many sites to see on your Washington DC itineraries that it may become overwhelming. Be sure to prioritize the monuments and sights you really want to see, so you won’t feel bad cutting out a few if you run out of time or encounter an unbearable line. Both luxury and discount hotels can be easily booked throughout DC, so you should be able to plan a trip to fit any budget.



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