DC Vacation Packages

One of the things that makes our nation great is it diversity. So many kinds of people, so many ways to do things. So, it is not surprising that there are so many different kinds of Washington DC vacation packages to accommodate and make use of all that variety. DC vacation packages tend to be organized around specific modes of touring, specific attractions for touring, or specific lifestyles whilst touring.

Washington DC tour packages tend to include some mode of transportation, along with rate reductions and other perks. The Churchill Hotel, for example, offers a historic touring package that includes accommodations in at their historic hotel, breakfast for two, and two days of passes on the Old Town Trolley. The historic trolley provides narrated tour along a circuit of Washington DC attractions, allowing passengers to get on and off at various places, simply to pick up another trolley - and the rest of the tour - when it suits them.

Another touring-centered package is The Madison's "Washington by Twilight" package, which offers you luxury accommodations and a limo tour of the city by night, followed by breakfast for two in the morning. Other vacation packages reward those who prefer to travel to and from Washington DC by car. The Hotel George kicks in a $20 gas card with its package. Many other transportation-inclusive Washington DC packages offer complimentary parking and some offer Metro passes.

Quite a few Washington DC vacation packages have themes centered around certain attractions. The Hotel George's Undercover Washington package, for example, includes tickets to the International Spy Museum, a confidential message and "Spy Packet" and quizzes at your suite, and complimentary wine and internet for those late nights. The Hotel Rouge has a Panda package, which includes hotel and zoo passes, along with the metro passes to get there. This on top of their Zoo Welcome Kit with a sumptuous panda doll, a children's activity booklet, a panda video and a ZooGoer magazine. Another popular attraction for DC vacation packages is the annual Cherry Festival. Hotels offer special touring rates in late March and early April to make use of the city in its best pink regalia.

Many Washington DC tour packages are designed for people with particular lifestyles. Pet-friendly packages are available in many of the hotels downtown, offering your dog or cat welcome treats, essential toilet items (so you don't have to carry your own!) and dog and cat food bowls and walking maps. Fitness buffs can find hotel packages that include private treadmills and stationary bikes, as well as with various spa treatments. The Madison has a "Relax and Rejuvenate" package that includes one spa service in your guest room, and the Hotel George offers a decadent female getaway package that includes an in-room facial treatment. Once refreshed, many DC visitors will take advantage of some of the shopping packages, like the Hotel Helix' deal including hotel, champagne, taxi fare to Georgetown, a $50 American Express Gift card, and a foot rejuvenation kit for later in the room. No matter which Washington DC vacation package you choose, you are certain to find a way to see the city that suits your preferences, so you can fully take in the vibrant pulse of the capital city.

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