White House Map

The White House map is a useful tool when visitors are touring the nation’s capitol. With a White House map, you can get an idea of all the intriguing nooks and crannies of the White House and then you can experience the history of the most famous residence in the United States up-close and personal as you take White House tours. The White House floor plan consists of several areas beginning with the main entrance – North Portico - on the ground floor. In this area, you will find the family dining room, the State Dining Room, and the Red, Blue, and Green Rooms where gala functions and receptions take place.

The storied history of the White House will be found in every room, including those open to the public, and those that most tourists never see. Following the White House map to the rear of the building brings you to the kitchen, library, and flower shop. Outside the White House, the Rose Garden and the Kennedy Garden flank the South Portico on either side. Listed on the White House map are two corridors leading from the main entrance. One corridor heads east where several rooms, including the china room and family theater, are located. The other corridor leads west where the Oval Office, Situation Room, and Map Room are located. On the second floor, you will find the family living quarters consisting of several bedrooms, sitting rooms, dressing room, cosmetology room, the Treaty Room, and kitchen. The most famous bedroom in the White House is the Lincoln Bedroom and sitting room. From the Yellow Room, guests and family can access the Truman Balcony.

When touring the White House, the rooms you will see include the Vermiel Room, China Room, Red, Green, and Blue rooms, East Room and Dining Room, Library, and Reception area.

Tours of the White House are on a first-come basis and must be reserved in advance. The White House is available for public tours Monday through Saturday except for federal holidays. Tours can be cancelled without notice when necessary.

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