Three miles east of Seattle is the thriving, diverse city of Bellevue. This is the fifth-largest city in Washington, and is one the most prosperous and safe cities on the Eastside. Nestled in between Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington and just south of Kirkland, Bellevue Washington is undoubtedly the economic hub of the Eastside, making this a city that draws business and commerce as well as the communities that spring up around centers of commerce.


One place every visitor should go to in the tranquil Mercer Slough nature park. 170 species of animals make their home in the 320-acre park. This is a verdant haven for nature lovers and people who enjoy relaxing afternoons on a nature trail. Residents and visitors alike come to this highlight of Bellevue Washington. You can visit the blueberry farm or wander through the Eastside Heritage center for the history of Bellevue, or just canoe up the slough. For a really laid back experience, take one of the free guided nature walks; you will learn a lot about the gem of Bellevue really easy with this option.

Over 200 stores make up Bellevue Square mall, a premier shopping destination for residents of Seattle and Bellevue alike, which is centrally located near many of the best hotels in Bellevue. Sixteen million visitors flock to Bellevue Square mall each year to wander through the two indoor levels of this well-designed and climate-controlled shopping center. Bellevue Square mall is an upscale alternative from downtown Seattle. While there are many stores in Seattle, the scene can be somewhat chaotic experience, with the shops spread out over a mile, making this a taxing event if you visit on a hot summer day.

You can find familiar favorites in this shopping mall, such as the Cheesecake Factory, Red Robin and Pagliacci Pizza, a local favorite. If you're looking for a unique experience, the Mediterranean Kitchen is a popular Bellevue restaurant that has a quaint atmosphere in which you can enjoy fresh delicious cuisine. Another one of a kind eatery is the Seastar Restaurant and Bar. This Bellevue restaurant specializes in seafood, with tasty fresh oysters, tasty crab cakes and the savory halibut and prawns. The serene, rich atmosphere, accented with granite and polished wood, is soothing and sets the mood for the incredible food you will enjoy in this Bellevue restaurant.

Whether you're from across the lake or the other side of the country, Bellevue Washington is a clean place with lots of things to do and places to see. Bellevue is a great place to spend a weekend or a day; you will love the scenery and the many options for diversions in this fun city.

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