Leavenworth Washington

Leavenworth is a Bavarian style village on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. Since the mountains block the clouds and wetter air from the west, the area enjoys a normal climate with four seasons, as well as 300 days of sunshine during the year. Leavenworth Washington is a great place to visit for its natural beauty, old world authenticity, and small town charm.

In the 1960s Leavenworth experienced a renaissance of the Austrian, German and Norwegian culture that set it apart from other cities in the state. This was due to the efforts of citizens and business owners in the area, who wanted to create a unique environment that would attract visitors. The verdant alpine setting was perfect for the recreation of a Bavarian village, and so the theme lives on, giving Leavenworth Washington its distinct reputation. Area day trips to Lake Chelan break up a weekend in this town. Mt Baker and the scenic North Cascades highway are also not too far away.

A great deal of effort went into the transformation of Leavenworth into a Bavarian mountain village. The town enacted building codes and scheduled events like Bavarian festivals. The locals researched the culture and began to wear period costumes, adding to the fun. Soon, people started to hear about Leavenworth WA, and they started to visit. As expected, the rush of tourism made the locals very happy, which only increased the activity of the Bavarian themes. Leavenworth is still enjoying a steady growth, since there are now many bed and breakfasts and resorts wit the most comfortable Leavenworth lodging you can find. The North Cascades area is beautiful year round, not only for its ski resorts but also for the hiking and camping that can be enjoyed in the wilderness of Washington State.

Despite its growth, Leavenworth WA still has a small mountain village feel, with lively music, period architecture, and many festivals all throughout the year, in keeping with the theme. This is a quaint and charming place to visit anytime of year, and the locals are friendly and happy to see new faces.

A number of romantic, cozy little places have opened for business in the charming homes of Leavenworth, Washington. There are little inns in which to relax after a long day touring the town, or more romantic accommodations like the Abendblume Pension, which is one of the area's finest bed and breakfasts. This is a popular option for Leavenworth lodging, since you will enjoy appointed and decorated fine taste, with marble showers, fireplaces, and only the best comforts. The rooms balconies are overlooking the area.

Alpen Rose is another great spot for family vacations and couples' getaways. Take some time to explore all your options for Leavenworth lodging, since they are as unique as the village itself, and each will bring you a one-of-a-kind experience that you won't soon forget.



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