Long Beach Washington

Long Beach Washington is one of the top beach towns along the Washington Coast, and can be an excellent travel base should you be interested in visiting the Long Beach Peninsula. There are some unique attractions in Long Beach proper, including Jake the Alligator Man and the World Kite Museum. You also don't have to go far if you want to visit the local Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, and Long Beach offers easy access to the beach itself.

Long Beach
Long Beach

Long Beach Washington is a name that can be applied to both the town of Long Beach and the Long Beach Peninsula. The peninsula extends for approximately 30 miles north to south and is found in the southwestern part of the state near the Oregon border. Portland is about 110 miles to the southeast, and this is part of the reason why Long Beach WA has long been a popular vacation destination for Portland-area residents. Of course, plenty of people from Washington State also vacation in Long Beach as well, and more and more people who don't hail from the general region are starting to take notice.

Of the towns that can be found along the Long Beach WA peninsula, Long Beach proper might be the most family-friendly. You'll find go-cart tracks in town, for example, and it's easy to rent things like banana bikes and beach cruisers. Carnival rides are also in good supply, and the carousel is certainly popular with families that have young children. Of course, the whole peninsula maintains a family-friendly appeal, and there certainly isn't a lack of things to do regardless of your age.

Hanging out on the beach is understandably one of the most popular things to do in Long Beach Washington, though since the waters stay relatively cold year round, you might not end up doing a lot of swimming. The peninsula's beach stretches for more than twenty miles, so long strolls along the sand are possible. Other beach activity options include flying kites, building sandcastles, and exploring tide pools. You can also go horseback riding on the beach, and vehicles are allowed on the sand. The beach actually doubles as a state highway, with the speed limit being 25 miles per hour. Beach access roads are found in good number on the Long Beach Peninsula.

Digging for razor clams is one of the most popular things to do in Long Beach WA. The area is also rich in oysters, and you can find both clams and oysters on many local restaurant menus. Salmon and tuna are other delicacies from the sea, and thanks to the numerous Long Beach fishing charters, it isn't difficult to arrange fishing expeditions that can see you catching your own meal. South of Long Beach Town is Ilwaco, and it is an especially good place to arrange fishing excursions.

The various towns on the Long Beach Peninsula all have their charms. Lovely Oysterville boasts an enticing National Historic District, for example, and the Victorian homes in Seaview can be a joy to admire. Also worth checking out while on the peninsula are the state parks. At Fort Columbia State Park, savoring the views from the wooded bluff is recommended, and there are plenty of hiking trails to take on. Exhibits that cover the history of the area can be found at the park's interpretive center. In nearby Cape Disappointment State Park, it is possible to tour the North Head Lighthouse, which is the oldest lighthouse on the West Coast, and you can camp overnight. The park is also where you will find the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. It is worth highlighting the fact that the Long Beach Peninsula was the end of the Lewis and Clark expedition's western trail.

No discussion about Long Beach Washington would be complete without going into depth about Jake the Alligator Man. A pop culture icon of sorts in the Northwest, Jake the Alligator Man is a half-man, half-alligator creature in mummified condition. You can find "him" in a glass case at Marsh's Free Museum. This museum, in turn, is found at 409 S. Pacific Avenue in Long Beach Town. In case you are wondering, the alleged half-man, half-alligator creature that is Jake the Alligator Man was supposedly discovered in a Florida swamp.

Long Beach Washington Hotels
Long Beach Washington Hotels

Long Beach WA hotels offer something for virtually every taste or preference, so visitors should have little trouble finding a good travel base. It gets even easier to secure accommodations that suit your wants and needs when you also consider the vacation rentals. Condos are in relatively good supply, as are cottages and bungalows.

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