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Marijuana tours in Washington State are gaining in popularity now that it’s one of two states to loosen the laws on marijuana possession. Along with voters in Colorado, Washington residents went to the polls and made their feelings known. On Nov. 6, 2012, the majority of voters said yes on the ballot initiative officially called Washington Marijuana Legalization and Regulation, Initiative 502. As soon as the law passed, people were already making their plans for Seattle 420 tours. On April 20, celebrations are planned all around Washington to celebrate the changing climate. On this day and beyond, Seattle’s budding marijuana tourism scene is welcoming visitors who want to experience one of the best cities around.

Seattle Pot Tours

Seattle’s been all about green tourism for a long time. However, now that recreational marijuana is been legal under most circumstances, there are new options for tourism. Seattle 420 tours draw people from near and far who want to experience the scene the same time as the big events are scheduled. In April, or any other day for that matter, there are many things to do on these special kind of green tours in the Emerald City. You’ll find artisan glass-makers demonstrating how to make bongs, tours of medical dispensaries, and smoking lounges where you can kick back and really relax. There’s even bakeries and food trucks catering just to this (most likely) hungry crowd. For a more official marijuana tour in Washington, new companies are springing up throughout Seattle to handle all of the arrangements, assembling packages with reservations for Seattle hotels, guided tours, and special access to the medical marijuana state’s top sites. As the big day draws nearer, these 420 tours can give visitors insider access to the big concerts and rallies scheduled on and around April 20.

Top image: Chas Redmond (flickr)

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