Mt Baker

Set in one of the most visited Washington State Parks, Mt Baker is an impressive mountain set in 140 miles of National Forest land. Whether you want to spend a week trekking through the alpine wilderness of the Northern Cascades, or you've come to the area to ski the best runs in Washington State, the Mt Baker ski area will not disappoint, and is lovely at any time of the year.

If you want to see something other that the Mt Baker ski resort, the North Cascades has some of the most scenic drives. You can take the North Cascades Highway, visit the Bavarian-themed mountain village of Leavenworth, or spend a relaxing weekend on the shores of the stunning glacial Lake Chelan. The 318 glaciers in the North Cascades National Park make up more than half of all the glaciers in the lower 48. Hiking and trekking are among the top activities in this area, which is filled with ridges to survey the incredible scenery, or waterfalls to cool off in.

Most of the large population centers in Washington State are only about an hour drive from the Mt Baker ski area, so all year round, this is a retreat for those who love to go to ski resorts or rugged types that enjoy alpine hikes and mountain camping.

The forest that Mt Baker is set in has a rich diversity of ecosystems, from glacial peaks to giant old trees and endless wilderness. You can lose yourself and never want to go back once you see the magnificent mountain lakes and all the fish and animals that are abundant is the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

There are plenty of roads into the Mt Baker Ski area, due in part to the resort that is on the mountain. There is a mid-sized resort here that gets a large amount of snow. The Mount Baker Ski resort has a great deal of more advanced and expert ski runs. Experienced skiers and boarders who want a good challenge when they ski Washington enjoy the runs at the Mt Baker Ski area.

Whether you want to visit some of the loveliest backcountry of any of the Washington Mountains or have come here to ski Washington and tempt fate on one of the challenging runs in the Cascade Mountains, you will thoroughly enjoy a visit to Mt Baker Ski resort.

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