Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest region of the United States is one of the most naturally beautiful areas of the country. If you like forests, mountains, and glacial lakes, you will love the Pacific Northwest.

From BC, Canada in the north to Oregon in the south, this area encompasses a number of US states as well as the Vancouver and Victoria Islands area of BC. Incredible alpine valleys, powdery, white mountain bluffs, and rugged ocean coasts, strewn with fallen old growth trees are some of the features that make the Pacific Northwest a destination for outdoor activities.

The State of Washington has two of the most famous mountains as well as forest ridges and ski areas. Mt. St Helens has recently been active, and has spurred new interest and invigorated Pacific Northwest travel with its explosive history. Mt. Rainier, visible for hundreds of miles, draws daring climbers to test its nearly impassable heights.

The relatively low population density and the high amount of outdoor wonders makes a Pacific Northwest vacation a great alternative to the crowds of other tourist areas. Oregon has two mountains ranges that run North to South across the state. There is the lovely coastal range and the Cascade mountain range. These two mountain ranges encircle the rich Willamette Valley, which has some of the most agriculturally abundant areas on the globe. This side of the state has a lot more rain, only enhancing its natural bounty.

Aside from lovely countryside, another aspect of this captivating area is the great city of Seattle. If your Pacific Northwest travel includes going on a cruise to Alaska, it will likely start here. The Puget Sound, and the waterways to the north, like the straight of Georgia between Vancouver and Victoria Island, are some of the lovely landscapes you can take in from the water on your cruise.

Seattle is a great way to begin a Pacific Northwest vacation, since it's so centrally located, and a major hub in Washington State. Attractions like the Pike Place Market and the waterfront cruises with Argosy are a great way to take in this city. Here, you can find out about ferry service to BC on the Victoria Clipper, a high-speed ferry to Victoria Island. Water ferries are essential to visit the islands and places connected by boat if you want to be able to see all the different places during your Pacific Northwest travel. The BC Ferry system shuttles passengers from Victoria to Vancouver, which also has a clean, gleaming, waterfront.

The Gulf Islands, Victoria and Vancouver all share a wonderful maritime legacy. These scenic cities are centers of commerce, tourism, and prime coastal living. This area of BC is also a destination for wine lovers on a Pacific Northwest vacation. Tours of wineries and brewpubs, and cideries reward you with a fresh experience you can taste, along with the of the most delicious, original dishes to accompany it. Vancouver Island has many pubs for beer lovers, who can make a weekend out of the visit and enjoy dinner and a comfortable nights accomodation, and add unforgettable moments to their Pacific Northwest travel.

The proximity to the ocean keeps these major cities of the Pacific Northwest comfortable year round, since it rarely snows in the area. Vancouver is the third largest metropolitan area in Canada, so here you can enjoy all the big city luxury set in a lovely, mountainous water-ringed atmosphere, featuring well over 190 parks in the city.

Whether you"re here to cruise the waterways and whale watch or enjoy luxurious fireside dinners at warm islands lodges, the Pacific Northwest is the setting for your most treasured vacation moments.

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