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Roslyn, home to the oldest bar in Washington State, offers a taste of an authentic small town in the Cascades. Just minutes from Interstate 90, Roslyn is just 80 miles from Seattle. Whether you're visiting on a daytrip from Seattle or staying for an entire vacation, the old mining town has charms all around, from its old-fashioned architecture to its natural beauty. Because it's nestled in the eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains, the weather tends to be a little warmer and sunnier than the cities to the west. Roslyn is one of those places that may just feel familiar—the welcoming locals help with that feeling, but there's another factor at play. Roslyn was a TV star, standing in for the Cicely, Alaska in the 1990s TV show Northern Exposure.

Roslyn Brewery

The Brick Saloon has been serving brews since the days the miners needed a break from their labors. In operation since 1889, the brewery has evolved into a must see that's equal parts living history, live music venue, art gallery, and restaurant, plus every bit the legend. The mural on the outside wall featured in the opening of Northern Exposure—the one with the moose walking through town. Inside, the Brick is a classic roadhouse with a century-old bar, complete with a spittoon and running water. There's even a jail cell remaining in the basement, and the bricks on the exterior date back to the late 1890s. The menu features a wide array of flavors for quick lunches and hearty meals alike. Sandwiches, wraps, beer-battered cod, and ribeye steaks are served with tasty sides and favorite hard or soft drinks. Kids are allowed at the Brick's dining room until 9 p.m. Adults can order up their choice of draft beers or pick their favorite bottled brews at the Brick in Roslyn.

Roslyn Wa. Lodging

Roslyn WA Lodging
Roslyn WA Lodging  Image: Roslyn Inns

After a late night concert at the Brick, it's nice to have somewhere nearby to stay. Roslyn is a small town, but it it does have some locally-run hotels and campgrounds. Branching out from town, you'll find vacation rentals and chain hotels throughout Kittitas County. Ellensburg, the largest community in the county, has many hotel rooms to offer within minutes of the Central Washington University campus.

Things to do in Roslyn WA

Roslyn Cafe
Roslyn Cafe

There are many places throughout Roslyn for connecting with its history. Many of its buildings, which date to the mining era, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places in nonrecognition of their importance. The Immaculate Conception Church was built in 1887; the stately building was featured a movie filmed in Roslyn, 1979's The Runner Stumbles. Roslyn visitors can add the church to a walking tour. Some of the old mines can be added to your tours, too, although the interiors are no longer open for public access.

Roslyn - Brick Saloon
Roslyn - Brick Saloon

You'll also have the chance to see art scattered around the downtown and the Roslyn Museum. Not far from the Brick Saloon, the museum tells the story of Roslyn's heyday when miners came west and the railroad opened up travel through the Cascades. Many of the miners were experts in the field, coming from the Virginia mines. Others came from Europe and other far away places. Many of today's residents are descendants of these town founders. They welcome visitors into their boutiques, galleries and inns, plus the Sunday farmers market.

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