San Juan Islands Flights

San Juan Islands flights are easy to arrange, so you don't have to limit yourself to taking a ferry. Many visitors who wish to arrive by air rely on flights that are offered by Kenmore Air from Seattle. After you take off from Lake Union or Lake Washington, your seaplane can take you to a variety of San Juan Islands hot spots. You might be interested to know that Kenmore Air actually offers flights for both Washington State and British Columbia. Also, you can arrange charter flights to meet your needs if the daily scheduled flights don't offer what you're looking for.

The Kenmore Air flights from Seattle to the San Juan Islands take off from various points around the Seattle area. In addition to taking a sea plane from Lake Union or Lake Washington, you can take a more standard small plane flight from Seattle Boeing Field or the Sea-Tac Airport. Once you execute the short flight out to the islands, you can land at the main Friday Harbor Airport, which is little more than a landing strip, your seaplane can set down at places such as the Islander Resort on Lopez Island and San Juan Island's Roche Harbor.

Kenmore Air isn't the only company that offers San Juan Islands flights, so you might look to expand your options. San Juan Airlines, for example, offers flights from mainland Washington to the islands. The mainland departure destinations for these flights are Seattle, Anacortes, and Bellingham. Complementing both of these airlines are a variety of charter flight companies that can take you almost anywhere you want to go in the Pacific Northwest Region, so the options are pretty numerous.

You're encouraged to get creative when trying to arrange San Juan Islands flights. After all, the charter companies can work with customers to create personal itineraries and schedules. You're also encouraged to keep an eye out for deals. Cheap Friday Harbor flights, as is true of cheap flights to the San Juans in general, are easier to come by outside of the peak summer season, so you might start there when trying to save on costs. Families will be happy to know that regardless of the season, the fares for San Juan Islands flights are typically lower for children.

Getting to the San Juan Islands on a plane is a wonderful option, but it's not the only option worth considering. Ferries from various Pacific Northwest destinations visit the four main islands in the chain, and there are plenty of regional boat tours that also have the San Juans in their sights. If you can't find a boat tour that suits your needs and you want to travel by water, there are charter companies through which you can arrange private expeditions. As for getting around once you arrive in the San Juan Islands, some of the ferries can accommodate vehicles, so it is possible to take your own car along. Renting a car or a moped is also an option, and taxi/shuttle service is available on the main islands.

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