Getting to the San Juan Islands

Getting to the San Juan Islands can be straight forward and easy, especially when you know what your options are. For starters, this group of islands in Washington state can be reached by both sea or air. Taking a ferry is one of the most popular options for those who aren't planning on catching flights, and you can also arrange a San Juan Islands boat tour or cruise when trying to decide which transportation options work best. Many boat charters in the region can customize itineraries for travelers who are interested, and pre-arranged tours are also available. Taking your own boat is an option as well when trying to figure out how to get to the San Juan Islands, and those without their own boat can always hope to rent one in the region.

Getting to the San Juan Islands from Seattle

If you are trying to get from Seattle to the San Juan Islands, flying is the most popular option. Kenmore Air and a few other regional airlines offer both scheduled and charter flights between Seattle and the San Juans, and since seaplanes are available, you don't have to touch down on dry land. This means that you can arrive at various points, which can come in handy if you are staying at a specific resort or something the like. As for traveling by boat, a high-speed passenger ship that is based at Seattle's Pier 69 offers departures to Friday Harbor. These departures are daily between the mid-May through September high season.

Getting to the San Juan Islands from Anacortes

The Washington city of Anacortes serves as a main point of embarkation for San Juan Islands vacations. This is where the Washington State Department of Transportation ferries that are bound for the islands depart from, and they are offered year round. You can walk onto the ferries and go as such, or you can drive on. Motorcycles and bikes are also allowed, and the rates are more than fair regardless of what you choose. Boat charters that operate in Anacortes can also take you out to the San Juan Islands if you prefer, and flying out is an option as well. A few small airlines provide both charter and scheduled flights from Anacortes to the San Juan Islands.

Getting to the San Juan Islands from Bellingham

Departing from the Washington city of Bellingham is also a popular option when trying to get to the San Juan Islands. Yacht charters are available if you want to arrange your own private excursion, and passenger-ferry service is available from between early May and late September if that's what you have in mind. Charter cruises can be enjoyed year round. If you just can't wait to get to the islands and you are departing from Bellingham, you can cut down on time by flying. Once again, a few regional airlines provide both scheduled and charter service.

Getting to the San Juan Islands from Vancouver Island

You don't have to limit yourself to destinations in the state of Washington when trying to arrange a trip to the San Juan Islands. Traveling between Vancouver Island and the San Juans is an option, for example, and a popular one at that. After all, combining both destinations on a vacation itinerary can definitely make an amazing getaway. As long as you have a passport, you can sail or fly from Vancouver Island to the San Juan Islands and vice versa. Both charter flights and charter cruises that are destined for the San Juans can be arranged with relative ease on Vancouver Island, especially in Victoria, and Washington State Department of Transportation ferries travel between Sidney BC and the San Juan Islands destination of Friday Harbor between the months of April and December. Other ferries that are not offered by the Washington State Department of Transportation travel between Victoria offer additional service during the peak summer season.

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