San Juan Islands Kayak Rentals

San Juan Islands kayak rentals are available in good supply, and this allows visitors who don't have their own kayaks to enjoy some of the best kayaking in the world. In this island chain off the northwest coast of Washington State, wonderfully natural vistas abound, and there may be no finer way to take it all in than from a kayak.

While plying the area waters on a San Juan Islands sea kayaking excursion, you can gaze at lofty mountains in the distance as you go. Cruising along rugged coastlines and stopping at any number of islands to do some exploring can also be part of the deal. It's not all about the stunning scenery and island hopping, however. The wildlife is diverse in this area, and often times, kayakers go in search of orca whales. You can arrange kayaking tours that double as whale watching tours in the San Juans, with mid-May through September being the prime season for such endeavors.

While kayaking in the San Juan Islands, you are likely to see more than orca whales. Harbor seals are also among the more prevalent creatures in the area, and bald eagles are often spotted flying overhead. Whereas mid-May through September is the most ideal whale watching period, you can expect to see seals and eagles throughout the year. It is often exhilarating to see these animals in their natural environments, and you'll hardly prove to be a disturbance in your eco-friendly kayak.

San Juan Islands sea kayaking tours can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days or more, and you don't have to be an expert kayaker to enjoy them. Most of the tour companies welcome beginners. On the multi-day kayaking tours, camping on various islands is usually part of the deal, and the tour companies provide their guests with tasty fare when it comes time to dine. While you're out on the water, naturalist guides will be at your side to provide information on the regional wildlife and the overall environment of the San Juans.

The destinations of Roche Harbor and Friday Harbor are two of the best places to arrange San Juan Islands sea kayaking tours. You can find both of these destinations on San Juan Island. It is also possible to arrange kayaking tours on Orcas Island, and the same can be said about less developed Lopez Island. Some San Juan Islands kayaking tours also originate out of mainland destinations, such as Anacortes. The tours that embark from mainland destinations see guests arriving in the island chain by way of boat. From there, they access the area waters from any number of points. Some of the tour boats are even equipped for beach landings.

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