San Juan Islands Tours

San Juan Islands tours offer quite a lot of variety, and as you might expect, many of the tours involve spending time on the water. The San Juans are a boating paradise, especially during the summer months, and if you don't have your own private vessel, there are numerous boating charters that can help you arrange fun outings of all kinds. Should you prefer staying on dry land, there are tour options there as well. The San Juan Islands are good for biking, for example, and you can also hope to add activities such as hiking to the picture.

San Juan Islands tours can be arranged in the islands themselves, in mainland Washington State cities such as Seattle and Bellingham, and in other Pacific Northwest destinations, such as British Columbia's Vancouver Island. This really opens up the tour possibilities, and in terms of time, there are single day tours and multi-day affairs to select from. As for the options when it comes to things to do on the San Juan Islands tours, diving is among them. The San Juans are widely considered to be among the best cold water diving destinations in the world, and tours are relatively easy to arrange. Friday Harbor is a good place to start if you wish to arrange San Juan Islands diving tours, as many of the SJI diving excursions depart from this main hub.

Diving is just one of many water activities that can be enjoyed on a San Juan Islands tour. Kayaking tours are especially popular, and should you prefer, boating tours are very easy to arrange at places like Friday Harbor and the Roche Harbor Resort. Both the kayaking and boating tours double as wildlife viewing tours, with whale watching being a main focus. If you can't decide whether you want to enjoy a kayaking tour or a boating tour in the San Juan Islands, there are tours that combine kayaking with boating. In fact, many of the San Juan Islands tour providers offer tours that combine a variety of fun activities. Fishing is just one more way to get out on the water that you can hope to add to the mix.

When looking for fun San Juan Islands tours that involve spending time on dry land, you might start with the bike tours. San Juans are certainly scenic, and biking is a fine way to take it all in. You can cruise along country roads on San Juan Islands bike tours, and there are mountain biking trails at parks like Moran State Park. The best island in the chain for road cycling is arguably Lopez Island, but if you want to do some mountain biking, Orcas Island is where you will find Moran State Park and its more than twenty miles of trails. There are San Juan Islands bike tours that stick to just one island, and others that involve biking on more than one island, so you can choose accordingly.

Most of the San Juan Islands tours involve spending time on the water or on dry land. You don't have to limit yourself to these kinds of tours, however. There are also airplane tours to choose from, with the Kenmore Air tours being among the most popular. Kenmore Air is a small airline based in the Seattle area, and should you book one of its San Juan Islands air tours, you will likely have the chance to do more than fly over the island chain. At least one stop in the islands is usually included on the itinerary, and you might even have time for more than one stop. If the arranged Kenmore Air tours don't suit your fancy, you can always look to go the charter route and arrange your own air, land, and sea tour in the San Juans.

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San Juan Island

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