Seattle Airport Transportation

Seattle Airport transportation comes in many forms, and for many travelers affordability is key. It’s also not hard to find cheap ways to get into the city, so after you’ve done the research and found an affordable flight to Seattle Airport, don’t splurge on any expensive taxi. Keep your money to spend on local dining, shopping, and attractions by choosing another form of transportation: a shuttle. These fast and convenient shuttles are an affordable way to reach your hotel from the airport. Some visitors will choose a rental car for the freedom to explore local beaches, parks, and neighborhoods, but Seattle is easy to navigate on foot and via public transportation, so a car isn’t really necessary. If you’re not renting one, then one of the best options for transportation is Seattle Airport shuttles.

There are several shuttle companies to choose from for Seattle Airport transportation. Shuttle Express is one of these companies, and they have more than two decades of experience safely transporting visitors between the airport, hotels, and even cruise ports. This company has also become known for excellent customer service. All the things that worry visitors about using a shuttle service, from bad drivers to vans that smell like smoke, aren’t the case when choosing Shuttle Express. Reservations are highly recommended (you can call or reserve online) but walk-ups are OK too. Fares vary depending on your destination, but you can get a quick quote on the company’s website. One of the perks of this shuttle is the door-to-door travel, so if you aren’t staying in Downtown, you can still get dropped right at your destination.

Different Seattle Airport shuttles will offer a variety of incentives to attract customers. Some companies offer free rides for kids, a discount when you reserve online, or discounts for groups. If you’re traveling on a tight budget and want to get the best possible deal, it is best to shop around between the shuttle companies. Just because one was the best option when you were last in Seattle doesn’t mean that another company can’t beat that price. Other companies to investigate during your search include Airporter Shuttle, Downtown Airporter, and Quick Shuttle. The Downtown Airporter, for instance, offers shuttle service from most downtown Seattle hotels to Sea-Tac Airport.

Many visitors are attracted to Seattle Airport shuttles because they offer a flat rate for transportation. While this is a good deal especially for travelers who arrive at the airport solo, it isn’t always the best deal for groups. Shared shuttles charge each person an individual fare. If you’re traveling in groups of four or five, this may not be the best form of Seattle Airport transportation. A group of that size could easily share the cost of a taxi instead of waiting for a shuttle to drop off passengers at various locations. Other forms of ground transportation include buses and the Link Light Rail, which runs from the airport into downtown, with several stops along the way.

Just as you will save money by booking your shuttle in advance, the same idea holds true for other aspects of your Seattle vacation. Booking your flight in advance will help to secure the best fares, and choosing your accommodation, whether it’s a waterfront hotel or a boutique hotel, will most likely offer the best rates in advance. Savvy travelers then have extra money once they arrive in Seattle to attend a sports game, purchase tickets for a museum exhibit, or head out on a ferry ride in Puget Sound. A little research during your planning phase might equal a lot more fun once you’re on the ground in Seattle.

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