Capitol Hill Block Party

Capitol Hill Seattle - Broadway
Capitol Hill Seattle - Broadway

The Capitol Hill Block Party brings together Seattle's artistic community. Every July, the three-day festival draws tens of thousands to the vibrant neighborhood just outside downtown Seattle. There's plenty to do in Capitol Hill, close to the hotels and festival stages. The Seattle Asian Art Museum is here, as is Volunteer Park, with a lovely glass conservatory and a historic water tower. Every day of the year, Capitol Hill is a favorite gathering place, a haven for Seattle's LGBTQ and counter-cultural communities. The neighborhood also is a gathering place for fun, with its live music, entertainment, and eclectic restaurants.

The summertime festival makes Capitol Hill even more fun for three days in July as it brings more than 100 bands to central Seattle. The festival also draws artists, community groups, food truck proprietors and business owners who went to get out and celebrate with thousands of their closest friends.

Whether you're a Seattle native who knows Capitol Hill well or you're a newbie planning for your first visit, it's helpful to plan ahead. Want to know more about planning a successful visit? Check out this guide on when and where the block happens on Capitol Hill in Seattle.


Capitol Hill Block Party Map
Capitol Hill Block Party Map

Because of it's proximity to downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill is easy to find. The centrally located district is easily accessible from Interstate 5, which connects Capitol Hill to Cascade, Montlake, Eastlake, and other Seattle neighborhoods. In between the interstate and 24th Avenue, Capitol Hill is packed with places to walk and bike as well as drive. The main street that runs through the district is Broadway. As you'd expect from a street named Broadway, this street is home to many of the businesses in Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill Seattle - Nightlife
Capitol Hill Seattle - Nightlife

The majority of Capitol Hill Block Party happens between Broadway over to 12th, in between Union and Pine Street. You'll need a ticket to enter the block, and you'll have to enter at the official entrance, which is at the intersection of 10th and Pine. The main stage is a short walk away at 10th and Broadway, itself a short stroll from the Neumos and Barboza stages. Another official entrance, along with the will call, is located at Pike Street and 11th. From there, it isn't far from the VIP lounge, 21-plus beer garden and the food truck fiesta.

There's no official reserved parking lot, and parking can be limited. Don't come expecting to park right next to the main stage. It's easy to get to the festival by foot, and the Metro bus system makes sure everyone who wants to get to the festival can get there with ease, even if they parked far away.

Hotels Near Block Party

Capitol Hill Block Party Hotels
Capitol Hill Block Party Hotels
Silver Cloud Hotel on Broadway
Silver Cloud Hotel on Broadway

The good thing about a centrally located music festival is how easy it is to find accommodations. More than 100 hotels are located within a few miles of downtown and Capitol Hill, offering lodging for every budget. Luxury hotels, including the Renaissance Seattle Hotel and Hotel 1000 (pictured) provide elegant settings for overnight stays. Silver Cloud Hotel on Broadway is another choice for luxury hotels near all the action. Close to downtown and the festival stages, the hotel features a new restaurant, an indoor pool and valet parking. If you'd rather leave more money in your pocket for the food trucks and beer tents, there will be Seattle hotels to suit your budget, including familiar name brand and boutique hotels. Even though there are a lot of places to stay, it's still smart to make reservations far in advance. There are a lot of people planning to stay in Capitol Hill during the block party. 

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