Car Rentals in Seattle

Finding a rental car Seattle is a must for many travelers flying into the city for vacation. Driving from place to place to check out Pike Place Market or the famous Space Needle often is easiest with the help of a car rental Seattle. In addition to the many rental car Seattle companies with desks at the Seattle International Airport, there are also some car rental Seattle companies located around the city. Depending on how you get into Seattle and the class of car you want to rent, it is worth looking at all of the options to find the best deal on a rental car Seattle.

If you are flying into Seattle and want to rent a car at Sea-Tac Airport, head down to the baggage claim area on the bottom floor of the airport. Here you will find all of the car rental desks housed in the airport, which include Thrifty, Dollar, Budget, Avis, Hertz, and Alamo. It is best to make your car rental Seattle reservation at the airport in advance to ensure that a car will be waiting for you. If you haven’t reserved in advance, however, it is still worth checking at the desk to what is available. Unless it is a major holiday, airport rental companies will often have cars waiting on the lot, and most will also offer a good selection of luxury rental car Seattle.

If you plan to rent outside the airport, you can expect to find every national carrier represented in Seattle. The trick to finding the lowest rate on Seattle luxury car rental or budget car rental is booking your car for multiple days, and keeping an eye out for weekend rental deals. Many times it is cheaper to rent a car for the weekend than it would be for just one day. Be sure when you are renting your car that you take mileage into the final rental cost. Some rental companies may not include unlimited miles in their advertised price.

Whether you choose a luxury rental car Seattle or a thrifty option, you will need car insurance. Some travelers choose to use their own car insurance that they may have for another car. This will only cover the driver holding the insurance policy, and not the car itself in the case of an accident. The safest course of action is to pay for the rental company’s daily insurance, which will be between $10 and $30 per day. Although it can be expensive, in the event of an accident it is invaluable, since without insurance you would be responsible to pay for all of the damages.

To rent a car in Washington State, you must be at least 18 years old. Most companies, however, have a policy of only renting to 21 year olds, and even then tack on a daily “underage driver fee” of about $25 per day for driver’s under age 25. Asking someone of age to rent the car for you is no way around the fee, since you’ll also be charged an additional per day fee (also around $25) for every extra driver. Seattle luxury car rental and any kind of car rental will be about $30 per day, or about $200 for a weekly rental. The state of Washington also imposes an additional 18% car rental tax (%30 for airport rentals), so be sure to add that fee onto the basic rate.

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