International District

Chinatown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seattle. Just south of Downtown, the northern border of this roughly six by eight square block area is Yesler Way. To the west and south 4th Ave South and South Dearborn Street are its other defining boundaries. Filled with some of the most delicious and affordable Chinese restaurants Seattle has to offer, this is a great place for anyone who loves Asian food and culture to visit. It's also located close to Qwest Field and Safeco Field, which makes it a great place to stop for dinner after a game.

Also know as the ID, short for the International district, Chinatown is referred to its more inclusive name for being a hob of other Asian cultures along with the Chinese. From the superb authentic restaurants to the shops selling imported treasures, this area attracts visitors and local Asian Americans alike. The Wing Luke Asian Museum is where people can come and learn about the history of the ID.

The Chinese were the first immigrants from Asia to settle here. They filled the needs created by fishing, lumber, railroad and infrastructure industries. The first Chinese have the proud knowledge that many of the laborers who arrived in the early years helped to build the early infrastructure of the city. To support the Chinese workforce, Chinatown evolved as a response to the needs of the immigrant population in Seattle, and became home to restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that opened to serve them. Today, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese and other Asian communities consider this a hub of their culture. In addition to dining and shopping, community groups and social agencies have their offices here, further increasing the steady stream of traffic in and out of Chinatown. As Southeast Asians continue to become a larger part of the immigrant population in Seattle.

If you enjoy the exotic flavors of Asian food, the ID has some of the most authentic Chinese restaurants Seattle has to offer. Any visitor will be missing out if they don't check out one of the restaurants, like the authentic Sichuanese Chinese restaurant Seattle. This Sichuan style cuisine is so authentic that many Chinese come here for down home cooked flavor at its best.

Stores like Uwajimaya, the isles of which are filled with exotic spice and food products give you an opportunity to try an interesting new food in its food court, or pick up some ingredients to try to make it yourself at home. Yoshinobo has the some of the freshest food and quickest service of any Japanese restaurant Seattle has to offer. Lunch specials and the fried oysters keep customers coming back to the Togetsu Japanese restaurant. Having been at its current location on the corner of Yesler and Jefferson for over 30 years, this is one of the most authentic and the oldest Japanese restaurants Seattle has to offer.

Get the most out of your visit to Chinatown and go on a personal guided tour of the ID. A Chinese-American Seattle native will give you a history of the area with a sit-down presentation and a personal walking tour. You will have a new appreciation of Chinatown and its lively culture.

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