Cutters Bayhouse

Located just north of the Pike Place market, Cutters is a seafood restaurant that every visitor to the Emerald City needs to visit. Incredible views and a healthy menu makes Cutters one of the best seafood restaurant Seattle has to offer.

Cutters was recently remodeled, and its interior is now filled with red fabric and gleaming copper details, accented by hand blown glass fixtures. One of the main reasons visitors will choose Cutters over other Seattle restaurants are the incredible views of the sound. You can watch the ferry boats come and go, or come right before sunset for one of the most unforgettable experiences that you can have at any restaurants Seattle has.

Perfectly cooked fish and generous portions are what you will find on any dish at this Seattle restaurants menu. There are smaller plates that make excellent appetizers, as well as a sweet and savory raspberry vinaigrette salad. Simple choices like the grilled salad served with fluffy mashed potatoes are a favorite as well.

Cutters is a seafood restaurant that also serves brunch and lunch, so you can come just about anytime the mood strikes you. The seafood omelet has mozzarella, mushrooms, shrimp, and crab. There are non-seafood brunch options at Cutters like the French toast, made with tasty pecan raisin bread and apple compote that adds a zesty balance to the rich caramel flavor of this dish.

The enormous dimensions of this seafood restaurant make it so you almost never have to wait for a seat. Most of the diners here come from the hotels in the downtown area that have heard from the concierge or a local that Cutters is the best seafood restaurant Seattle has to offer.

Maybe you're not a big fish person, but you will want to read the menu closely, which has great descriptions about the food, something you won't find at a lot of Seattle restaurants. You will learn about the different types of fish on the menu and get to taste them as well. The cooks know exactly when to take a piece of fish off the grill.

In addition to having the best views of the sound that just about any restaurants Seattle has, tourists and repeat visitors will be impressed by the first-rate service of this seafood restaurant. The wait staff is relaxed, friendly, and willing to do whatever it takes for you to have an excellent dining experience.

The service is so outstanding the wait staff from the other top restaurants could learn a thing or two. Outstanding views, excellent food, and only the best servers makes Cutters the best seafood restaurant Seattle has at this time.

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