Experience Music Project

Experience Music Project - 2 One of the newest additions to the Seattle Center and the Space Needle attraction is the EMP Seattle. The Experience Music Project is a museum dedicated to the history of music. If you're coming from downtown, the Seattle Monorail will take you right on of the top Washington state attractions if you're staying in one of the Seattle hotels in the downtown area. The Sci-fi Museum and Hall of Fame, is also within the building that houses the Experience Music Project Seattle.

Experience Music Project - 3 Sixties rock and an extensive array of memorabilia from Jimi Hendrix and other artists, old and new are featured in the Experience Music Project. Set in a high tech modern facility, which guides you through the exhibits" elaborate lighting, great sound system, and use of hand held PCs to help you navigate through the facility, the Experience Music Project Seattle is filled with innovative uses of technology, included that which spawned rock.

Experience Music Project
Experience Music Project

When the EMP Seattle opened in the summer of 2000, it hosted one of the biggest Seattle concerts in years. Famous musicians like Metallica, No Doubt, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and over 40 others put on an unforgettable show for the opening weekend of the Experience Music Project.

Visitor cannot help but wonder what this strange building is, with its strange, undulating profiles and strange colors that reflect off its sheet metal exterior. The interior of the Experience Music Project Seattle is no less impressive; there are tons of interactive multimedia displays that are fun and interesting.

EMP Seattle Inside
EMP Seattle Inside  Image: Mobilus in Mobili (flickr)

Since 2000, the EMP Seattle has been adding to the fun of a visit to the Space Needle. Older kids and pre-teens who feel too old for the kiddie rides and amusement park games all want to escape and visit the Experience Music Project. Parents can join them in a bit of nostalgia and go back to the time when they were young and visit some of their favorite musicians. For visitors from other countries, a museum like the Experience Music Project Seattle helps them learn about American culture and the important role that music has played in it.

Dedicated to Washington state native Jimi Hendrix, the exciting displays and cool music at the EMP Seattle is sure to have visitors continually flocking to one of the best Seattle Museums year after year. Adult and kids alike will marvel and the colorful high-tech displays and incredible music at what is one of the major Washington state attractions.

Top image: Dave Sizer (flickr)
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