Green Lake Seattle

Green Lake Greenlake is an oasis in an urban environment. Visitors and residents from all over the city come to Greenlake to walk, run, bike, or skate around the park. Green Lake Park is named after the lake that the 2.8 mile long path circles around. Joggers and dog walkers are here at all hours of the day. There is a 3.2-mile long trail on the outer perimeter that is great for a workout as well. The park area and the athletic fields at Green Lake are the setting for family activities like swimming, boating and picnicking.

Green Lake has been in its present location for the past 50,000 years, when it was part of a vast glacial ice sheet that also formed Puget Sound. Such a permanent fixture on the environment was important enough to name the neighborhood after, so the area and Green Lake Park share the same name. Since 1905 this park has been one of the most visited Seattle parks. Green lake homes are highly sought after and there are always other buyers to compete with if you want to live near one of the best Seattle parks.

Though it looks pretty and clean, the water has had issues with algae growth. Sidestep problems like swimmers itch and milfoil. You don"t need to swim to enjoy Green Lake Park, and the risk of water parasites is not worth the trouble. The path is a fun and relaxing way to take in Green Lake, whether you jog or stroll. The Path that takes you around the lake was recently rebuilt. There is a trail of crushed granite for walking and running along side the main wide asphalt path for bikes and skaters.

Greenlake attracts runners, walkers, skaters, and of course, dog walkers. At one time a trolley ran from Green Lake to Downtown in order to connect people to one of the most popular recreation spots in Seattle. Today, Greenlake remains one of the best areas to spend an afternoon due to its close proximity to the Woodland Park Zoo, Lower Woodland Playing Fields, and the Greenlake Golf Course.

Around the lake are the businesses that thrive on the business that visitors bring the Green Lake Park. Duke's Chowder House is a great place for a beer, fish and chips. You might get to see what the people who live in and own Green Lake homes are. The folk that live here are a combination of young workers and professional and long-term residents. Adding to the mix, people come from all parts of Seattle to enjoy the scenic beauty and tranquility of Green Lake Park. Single-family homes dot the quiet streets; making one of the Green Lake homes you see for sale an ideal place to raise a family.

Besides the trail, you can visit the pool, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts for added activity. Summer in Seattle sees non-stop recreational fun at the scenic Green Lake Park.

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