Green Lake Park Seattle

Green Lake Green Lake Park Seattle is the perfect place to relax under the summer sunshine in this lovely city. After a day spent checking out the local festivals or museums, you might be looking for a place to get a breath of fresh air or enjoy a picnic. Budget travelers will love this park on the lake as packing a picnic will help you to keep the cost of your trip down.

Located in North Seattle, northwest of the University District and north of Fremont, it’s a lovely neighborhood centered on the lake and its swimming beach. Travelers who want to keep up their fitness during vacation will also love Green Lake Park Seattle. There is a path around the lake that is almost three miles long, and every day it is full of people running, jogging, walking their dogs, or cycling. Why go for a run in the center of the city when you can enjoy the great outdoors and beautiful views at Green Lake—you can see the downtown skyline from the running path, and on a clear day, the Cascades are visible as well.

Beyond fitness, there are many other opportunities for leisure at this park as well. Boating is a popular option, especially during the summer. If your kids are tired of sightseeing, treat them to a boating excursion on the lake. After your boat tour, take advantage of the lake’s proximity to the Woodland Park Zoo. This is one attraction your kids—and you—will love.

As a result of the rainy Seattle weather, the park will be full on any day that the sun shines. Travelers wondering when to go to Seattle should consider the summer months if they want to enjoy this rare sunshine. There are other Seattle parks to check out as well during your trip, with two of the most popular being Discovery Park and Volunteer Park. The summer brings everyone outside to enjoy festivals, al fresco dining, and the simple pleasures of enjoying the beauty of a park.

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