Seattle Museums

Seattle museums are a great way to experience the city. Seattle has established a reputation for being a center of cultural activity, and this is quickly apparent to any visitor, from the quirky shops to the outdoor concerts. One of the best ways to experience this culture is with Seattle museums. These attractions aren’t your typical boring, “don’t-touch-anything” type museums. Seattle is home to many innovative museums that celebrate everything from sixties rock music to local history to contemporary art. These attractions are also perfect for budget travelers. There are many free museums in Seattle where you can experience all the culture without a costly entrance fee.

One of the most popular Seattle museums is the Experience Music Project. This museum of music first opened in 2000 with an incredible variety of concerts from 40 of the best bands on the planet. Today, music fans can learn about Washington native Jimi Hendrix along with a variety of other musicians and music styles. The Experience Music Project is also in the same complex as the Sci Fi Museum. For families visiting Seattle, an ideal day of museums for kids might be exploring the interactive exhibits of the Experience Music Project and the fascinating exhibits of the Sci Fi Museum.

When it comes to free museums in Seattle, visitors should dip a little deeper. While places like the Frye Museum are always free, there are other museums that offer a day that is free. For example, the Asian Art Museum and MOHAI might not be designated free museums in Seattle, but they both offer days of the month where visiting is free. For budget travelers, college students, and families this can allow you to see a lot more museums for a lot less money during your trip to Seattle. Other strategies for saving money include choosing vacation rentals for accommodation and picnicking in local parks instead of dining out.

There are more popular Seattle museums with a focus on art, including the Seattle Art Museum and the Henry Gallery. While zoos and aquariums might not technically be considered museums, kids will consider them to be some of the most fun attractions in Seattle. Satisfy your kids’ curiosity by squeezing in visits to the Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Aquarium. Curious kids will also love the exhibitions on offer at the Museum of Flight. Some of these museums charge admission fees for adults, but not for kids, also helping to keep the cost down. Do your research in advance to find out if purchasing tickets online can help to earn a discount.

Seattle museums will only be one aspect of discovering culture in this city. During the summer months, a range of festivals and annual events bring even more culture to the city. Film festivals, Bite of Seattle, the Folklife Festival, and more all remind local residents and visitors alike that Seattle is a city with vibrant culture. Another way to explore local culture is to get outside of Downtown Seattle and explore different neighborhoods. Every neighborhood has its own distinct offerings, and each will remind you there is plenty of culture to be had beyond museum doors.

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