Olympic Sculpture Park - Glass Bridge

Visiting the Park
Admission: Free
Park Hours: Oct-Apr: 7 am - 6 pm
May-Sep: 7 am - 9 pm

One of the most interactive of the designs in the new SAM sculpture park is "Seattle Cloud Cover", by Teresita Fernandez. Acting as bridge that connects the other sections of the park, this is one of the few permanent installations in the Olympic Park. Blurring the lines between functional art and architecture, the piece is made almost entirely of laminated glass, spanning the railroad below while offering views of the ever-changing Seattle sky. Sandwiched between the planes of glass showing the city, the piece will also feature other images of the sky along the ceiling of the bridge. Another of the most famous Seattle parks, Myrtle Edwards, is visible from here too, showing the seamlessly this park fits within the city.

This piece is integral to the SAM sculpture park, causing viewers to alter their perception of an artistic space as it uses the constant shifts of natural light and sounds such that the bridge is always in a state of flux. Fernandez has garnered acclaim for her use of sensual data to portray the precarious relationship between the viewer and her art, to challenge common reference points people have when considering the environment around them. It is ideas such as these that separate the Olympic Park from other Seattle parks, attempting to draw in visitors through both artistic means and the surrounding natural world.

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