Palisade Restaurant Seattle

If you're in the Emerald City and you want to have a first-rate dining experience, the Palisade restaurant will fit the bill. Far from the bustle of the noisy and crowded downtown Seattle restaurants, Palisade restaurant is only a short drive north across the city. Making this short trip will reward you with one of the most luxurious restaurants in Seattle.

Once you see this restaurants elegant facade, you will know you are in for an incredible time. Palisade is a landmark as well as one of the finest Seattle restaurants, so you have history as well as quality when you choose to dine at one of the most popular restaurants Seattle has. As you climb up the steps to the entrance of Palisade restaurant, you will be surrounded by the stunning views of the city and the waterfront, setting the mood for your elegant evening in this. The sound of gurgling waterfalls and the quiet tinkle of piano keys fills the air with a soothing sound that is music to your ears.

The aquatic theme of this restaurant is in keeping with the original Polynesian-themed menu. There are not a lot of restaurants with this sort of cuisine in Seattle, and it is one of the only upscale Hawaiian-styled restaurants Seattle has to offer. The current menu has been in place since February 2003. The chef has collaborated with Hawaiian chefs to reflect the Polynesian setting of this restaurant.

Hawaiian sea salt is mixed with spices and rubbed on the grilled steak and seafood dishes. The Dungeness crab cakes are accompanied by coconut infused sweet potatoes, and is delicious with the tropical guava-rita cocktail. Aside from exotic ingredients, the style of cooking is just as uncommon, so this is a truly one of a kind experience in Seattle dining. There is a wood chip smoker that is used on the duck breast and also to smoke the spices. Guava wood chips are used for smoking, a process that infuses pieces of meat and fish with a heavy smokiness and the rare fruity flavor, giving this restaurant's food a complex flavor.

Something you will find at the Palisade restaurant that is not at other Seattle restaurants is the tender imported Kobe beef. You can enjoy this rare meat in a steak, or in the bite sized burgers, one of the most daring uses of this incredibly costly meat of any of the restaurants Seattle. The roasted salmon, cooked on a cedar plank, is unforgettable, as is the grilled and smoked pork loin, which is bursting with a smoky fire-cooked flavor.

The Palisade restaurant has nightly fish specials, so on a given night you might find yourself enjoying wood-fired scallops on the half shells, served with Dungeness crab, spinach and mushrooms.

One of the most elegant options of Seattle dining when you're looking for a Sunday brunch, the Palisade restaurant delivers when it comes to breakfast. There is a tropical fruit bar, and all you can eat macadamia nut and banana sourdough pancakes. No matter what time of day you decide on, eating at the Palisade restaurant is a one-of-a-kind experience.

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