Pike Place Flower Market

Pike Place Market - DuskPike Place in Seattle is an excellent place to purchase fresh, locally grown flowers. Multiple vendors provide a wide variety of blooms that are guaranteed to make any bouquet exceed your expectations. It's a great place to wander, particularly in the spring and summer, which is one of the best times to go to Seattle for warm weather and blooming flowers.

There are many different flower stands lining the walls of Pike Place flower market. Selection is usually based on the season. Many vendors sell dried flowers in the winter when there are not many flowers blooming. All vendors are based locally. Alm Hill Gardens in the North Arcade of the market have been growing their flowers, berries and vegetables in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains for over 25 years. Many of them pride themselves on organic farming.

Pike Place Market - FishSome specialize in specific types of flowers. Jonkheer Greenhouses in the North Arcade prides themselves on their tulips, hyacinths, and hydrangeas. Indochinese Farm specializes in Asian flowers. Many of the vendors of the Pike Place flower market can be hired for special events, such as weddings. It is common for brides to go to Pike Place in Seattle to take advantage of the affordable yet fresh arrangements in creative styles and colors.

Fresh flowers aren't the only thing available at the Pike Place Flower Market. Flowering branches have grown in popularity for home décor and special events. Several vendors at Pike Place in Seattle offer these unique accents in addition to flowers. Many flower farms also grow fruit and vegetables alongside their buds and blooms. Lee's Garden in the North Arcade offers leeks, kale, bok choy and zucchini, while Bao Cha in the Main Arcade offers beets and spinach—why not pick up some salmon from Pike Place Fish and cook a meal in your vacation rental?

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