Seattle Vacation Rentals

Finding a vacation home Seattle to rent for the duration of your vacation in Seattle is a great option for large groups or longer stays in the Seattle area. The city of Seattle has made national news in recent years as one of the busiest and most expensive places to find real estate. The number of rental homes Seattle for use for short or long vacation stays in numerous, and travelers should usually be able to find Seattle house rentals in their prices range.

The pricing range for rental homes Seattle depends of course on which neighborhood you choose and the size of your house. As a general rule, you can expect to pay between $1,000 a month and $2,000 a month for a private house with multiple bedrooms (usually 2 or 3). Prices can go up or down from there as size and location changes. Seattle home rentals close to downtown, and in particular throughout the Capitol Hill, Eastlake and West Seattle neighborhoods will usually be the most expensive areas. To find a vacation home Seattle or Seattle house rentals, check local real estate listings or specific online listings that specialize in vacation home Seattle rentals.

Most folks looking for rental homes Seattle are curious as to what their responsibilities are as a renter. If you will only be renting for a short time, you will not likely need to invest in renter’s insurance. Vacation rentals in Washington State are generally insured by the property owner, due to the fact that they are renting out their property frequently to multiple users. You will not be required to sign a lease, but instead an agreement that will look something like what you would sign at a hotel, which holds you responsible for incidental damages, but not anything more than that.

If, however, you will be using Seattle house rentals for longer than a vacation, you will need to sign a lease. In Washington State, almost all rental agreements are for one year to start, and then change over to month-to-month agreements after that time. It is possible to find Seattle home rentals for month-to-month leases if you are unsure of your length of stay, but these are not the norm. As a tenant, you are responsible for the disposal of garbage, repairing your own damages (even if your guests cause them), maintaining your own smoke detectors, and general property care. As a tenant in Seattle home rentals, you are also responsible for your own belongings, meaning that if there is a fire or similar disaster, you will want to have your own belongings insured through renter’s insurance. To obtain renter’s insurance, you can usually go through the same company which provides your car insurance, and find a discount in that way.

Landlords and property owners also have a set of responsibilities in rental agreements, and in Washington State these include giving a 20 day notice of any changes to the lease agreement. In this way, tenants can move out if they do not like the changes (such as a raise in monthly rent). Be sure when renting a property that you carefully read any documents you sign. Most landlords will ask for references before they will accept you as a tenant.

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