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For travelers who might be planning a longer stay in Seattle for business or an extended vacation, Seattle condo rentals are worth looking into. If you plan to stay in Seattle for more than a week or two, Seattle condo rentals can sometimes be a better choice financially than a hotel, and often also have a homey feel that most hotels do not. Downtown Seattle condominiums offer the convenience of proximity to many attractions in Seattle, such as Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. The free-ride bus zone in downtown Seattle also adds to the allure of downtown Seattle condominiums, making free travel possible all through downtown. Most neighborhoods also offer apartment rentals; for instance, Capitol Hill Seattle apartments might be a good fit for those looking for a lively and interesting neighborhood.

Each neighborhood in Seattle offers its own advantages and possible disadvantages. Waterscape views fringed by the mountains are just as likely a possibility as an urban hideout. Before searching for your Seattle condo rentals, be sure you have a picture in mind of what you want to find. If you are renting a condo, you are basically sub-letting, and are subject to all sub-letting laws in Washington. You will need renter’s insurance only if it isn’t provided for in the contract you sign when renting. You are not responsible for any condo fees or other fees associated with the condo itself.

The West Seattle neighborhood is located on the western side of Puget Sound, and is reached by crossing the West Seattle Bridge, accessible from I-5. West Seattle condo rentals monthly in Seattle WA have grown in popularity due to the many waterfront condos available in West Seattle. Condo rental prices in West Seattle generally start at around $300 a week for a single bedroom unit, and increase from there as the number of bedrooms increases, and as you inch closer to the beachfront. Alki Beach, the main strip of beach in West Seattle, is where condo renters will find all of the best shopping and restaurants.

Downtown Seattle Condominiums also offer their own advantages. In addition to the free bus service around the main block of central downtown Seattle, downtown Seattle condominiums are close to most of the best Seattle action. The nation’s Flagship Nordstrom leads the downtown pack, which includes some of the best shopping in Seattle. Downtown condos are also among some of the most expensive, starting around $200 a week for a small studio, and rising to over $2000 a week for the most luxurious accommodations.

For less expensive condo rentals monthly in Seattle WA, try renting a condo further out from downtown. The Ballard and Fremont neighborhoods to the north of downtown are great places to look, and are each just about a 15 minute drive to downtown. The University District, so-called because of its proximity to the University of Washington, is a place for inexpensive rentals, though you will not find many condos for rent. Most of the area is rented to college students. Unlike a hotel, almost no condo rentals monthly in Seattle WA will offer a maid service. In general, expect to clean up after yourself as you would at home. 

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