Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel, a ferris wheel in Seattle, makes the waterfront an even more amazing place to visit. In a city known for its scenery and abundant sightseeing tours, this is another amazing way to soak in the classic Pacific Northwest views. Plans for the wheel have been underway for 30 years, but the first cement wasn’t poured until early spring 2012. The end of Pier 57 is the perfect place for the Seattle Great Wheel that stands 175 feet high. When each one of the 42 gondolas reaches the westernmost point of the adventure, it’s suspended right above the sparkling waters of Elliott Bay on the Seattle waterfront.

Pier 57 Ferris Wheel
Pier 57 Ferris Wheel

The Pier 57 Ferris wheel joins an already vibrant tourism district called Miner’s Landing, located in walking distance of many favorite attractions, including the Seattle Aquarium and the Pike Place Market. On the pier, you’ll find plenty of great places to have some fun, grab a great meal and make some memories. This collection of shops and restaurants are not duplicated anywhere else and are worth a visit. As expected for waterfront dining, several of these eateries serve the freshest seafood you’ll find anywhere.

Don’t miss the chance to take a whirl on the carousel, a perfect complement to a ride on the Pier 57 Ferris wheel. The indoor carousel features hand-carved animals and music sure to bring back memories—the hot popcorn and cotton candy don’t hurt either. The carousel’s horses and sleighs are located right next to the arcade, another place to have fun on Pier 57, just minutes away from downtown Seattle.

Great Seattle Wheel
Great Seattle Wheel

The Miner’s Landing of today is all about fun, especially with the addition of the Seattle Great Wheel. It once was an important part of railroad operations. Built in 1902 at the site of Schwabacher’s Wharf, the pier was used by the Chicago, Milwaukee and Saint Paul Railroad, the final cross-country railroad to reach Seattle. Many important ships docked here, including a freighter that opened up trade with Japan and a steamship carrying gold from the Klondike. In the 1970s, this area made the transition from working pier to one of the things to do in Seattle for both tourists and locals alike. The addition of the Pier 57 Ferris wheel is another exciting chapter in the history of Miner’s Landing.

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